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The 401st Division, nicknamed "The Marauders", was a specialized combat unit in the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces.


Secession War[]

Some time prior to the S.C.A.F. expedition to Tau Volantis, the Marauders served as boarding parties in the Secession War. Their primary role was to act as marine infantry specializing in ship boarding and disrupting Secessionist supply chains.[1]

The 401st Division's 163rd Unit,[2] nicknamed "The Reapers", was responsible for controlling Secessionist riots on Earth.[3]

Tau Volantis[]

An unknown number of the unit, including the 163rd, were sent along on the expedition to Tau Volantis, in search of answers to the Markers in order to try and overcome the growing energy crisis that humanity was facing. It is assumed that all of them died during the expedition and the subsequent Scenario Five order.


Most of the 401st was issued the Marauder Suit, a specialized variant of the standard Legionary Suit, while the 163rd "Reapers" were issued the Elite Suit. The 401st was also the only known unit to be issued the (then) cutting edge Pulse Rifle technology, employing the AL-9 Clearcutter. This weapon was a Triple Threat Pulse Rifle with an attached J-111 Hydraulic Eviscerator bayonet.