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"I've seen what they the bodies. What they become. I can't let that happen to me."
—Dallas, before dismembering himself.[1]

A. Dallas was a Supervisor and 2nd Engineer aboard the USG Ishimura.[1]


Early life[]

Dallas was married with a woman named Dawn and had at least two kids. Before the Necromorph outbreak, he was responsible for reporting the results from each planet cracking operation. He wrote a log reporting about the processing of a rockball when the contact with the colony was first lost.[2]

Second Aegis VII Incident[]

During the initial hours after the infection reached the ship, Dallas ellaborated a log about the death toll.[3] At some point he, along with a large group of survivors, went to the Mining Deck which was one of the last secure decks.[4]

As the infection progressed, the Mining Deck was completely overrun as well. Dallas understood that the Necromorphs needed human bodies to spread the infection, then he decided to commit suicide by severing his limbs so he "won't be able to kill anyone" once infected.[1]

As Isaac Clarke encounters a Slasher with only one arm near Dallas' final log, the supervisor's plan may have ultimately failed to prevent his transformation. Dallas succeded into hampering his eventual Necromorph form, being that it can only move at a slow pace towards its prey and only has the one arm to attack with.


  • His name may come from Arthur Dallas, a likewise named character from Alien, a 1979 sci-fi film by Ridley Scott that was a major source of inspiration for Dead Space. In the extended cut of Alien, Arthur Dallas also chooses to commit suicide in order to avoid a worse death through the aliens' reproductive process.
  • Despite having removed 3 of his limbs in the audio log, the slasher model used to portray him still has both arms. This probably was overlooked by the developers in order to keep using the standard model for Slashers.