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"I've seen what they the bodies. What they become. I can't let that happen to me."
—Dallas, before dismembering himself.[1]

A. Dallas was a Supervisor and 2nd Engineer aboard the USG Ishimura.[1]


After the infection reached the ship, Dallas and a large group of survivors went to the Mining Deck which was one of the last secure decks. As the infection progressed, the deck was finally overrun. As he understood that the Necromorphs needed human bodies to spread the infection, Dallas decided to commit suicide by severing his limbs so he "would not be able to kill anyone once he was infected". [1]


  • His name may come from Dallas, a likewise named character from Alien, a 1979 film by Ridley Scott.
  • As Isaac encounters a Necromorph with only one arm near Dallas' log, the supervisor's plan may have ultimately failed. But he was able to hamper the eventual Necromorph form's killing power, being that it can only move at a slow pace towards its prey and only has the one arm to kill with.
    • Dallas only fires three shots, despite the human body having five limbs (if you count the head).
  • Dallas had a wife, Dawn and at least two kids.


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