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The AL-9 Clearcutter is offered as downloadable content for Dead Space 3. It can be downloaded in the Marauder Pack for 400MSP/$4.99, or in the Tau Volantis Survival Kit for 1,200MSP or $14,99 on the PS3.


The Triple Threat Pulse Rifle is perfect for taking down dense crowds while the J-111 Hydraulic Eviscerator is sturdy enough to cut down close encounters.


The AL-9, prior to upgrades, is a somewhat handy weapon to wield during the first chapters of the game, or when playing on Classic mode. The Pulse Rifle upper tool deals moderate damage, at the same time offering adequate stopping power to keep Necromorphs at bay, while its high (for that point) magazine capacity allows for prolonged firing. Upon completing the game, it is recommended to upgrade the Rifle with +3CLP and/or +3SPD Circuits that also offers +3DMG to further augment its role as a support light machinegun.

When enemies gets in too close for comfort, the lower Hydraulic Eviscerator can be utilized to quickly dispatch attackers within melee range. Fitted with +3SPD and +3DMG Circuits, the Eviscerator becomes a lightning-fast razor-sharp cutter that lets the player plow through hordes of Necromorphs as if they were grass.


Frame: Heavy Elite Frame

Upper: Marauder Pulse Rifle

Lower: Marauder Hedgetrimmer


  • The Tau Volantis Survival Kit claims to include the Marauder Pack, but the Marauder Pack makes no statement about being contained in the Survival Kit. Every other pack in the Survival Kit says in their description "This pack is included with the Tau Volantis Survival Kit". However, it is, in fact, included.