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The Advanced Engineer RIG is an exclusive Resource Integration Gear available only to upper class engineers who have passed rigorous training and performed multiple repairs in hostile environments. Visually, the suit has a bulkier appearance due to the extensive attachments of armor plating and is more heavily armored compared to the Intermediate Engineer RIG. Additionally, the eye slits are narrower to protect against flying debris or other accidents that could occur during the repair process.

This is the highest of the standard RIG suits. At 20% damage resistance, and 25 Inventory Slots, it is the best RIG you can obtain within the game in the first playthrough. It has each arm and each leg covered in its signature ribbed plating, and its helmet offers the most protective and complex design of any RIG.


  • In the original game, although it is a Level 5 RIG, it only has 4 slots in the face plate. The glow from the 4 slots collect and make a fifth, vertical line. The second slot down indicates where the wearer's eye line is. The second slot down is partially divided, almost splitting it in two.
  • The suit costs 60,000 credits and the schematic for the suit can be found on the floor in Chapter 10 inside the Z-Ball shower/locker room.
  • All of the DLC suits in the original game (aside from the Astro Suit) are identical to this suit, only with a different color theme and armor rate.