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The Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Elite Class, also known as the Elite Suit, was an exclusive Xbox 360 suit available to the player in Dead Space (2008). It sported a 10% damage resistance rating, equal to a Level 3 RIG. Like all of the DLC suits, it had the full 25 inventory slots. This RIG had crisp white armor plating with a black body suit underneath and a bright green glow from the faceplate.

Downloadable Content[]

The Elite Suit was released as an Xbox 360 downloadable content on November 13, 2008. It was available for $3.00/240 MS. It included a Level 5 Suit and new skins for three weapons. Originally, the Elite Suit was released on October 10 and was free for the first two weeks following its release. It was also available in smaller packs:

  • Elite Weapon Skin Pack ($1.50/120 MS included Weapons)
  • Elite Suit ($2.50/200 MS included Elite Suit)