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The Advanced Soldier RIG is a military-grade RIG suit that is issued to Marines of the Earth Defense Force. The RIG features built-in Stasis modules.


The Advanced Soldier RIG is a fatigue and body armor assembly that was designed for combat use and is standard issue protective wear for EDF Marines.

The assembly is composed primarily of dark grey, vacuum-rated fatigues bearing a number of utility pockets and white body armor plates including armored boots, a cuirass, cuisses, spaulders, rerebraces, vambraces and a head-enclosing combat helmet. In the original game, when the suit is worn by Isaac, the left spaulder is replaced with what appears to be lighter armor plating to allow faster movement of the left arm during reloading or other tactical situations. In the remake, however, both the suits available to Isaac and the ones worn by EDF Marines are exactly the same.

The breastplate bears an insignia representing the Earth Defense Force. In the remake, the words "U.S.M. Valor" can be found over the insignia.


  • The Advanced Soldier RIG costs 99,000 Credits and is available for purchase after loading a "Cleared Game" save. Once loaded, head towards a Store (which is first seen near the tram at the end of Chapter 1). This is applicable to both the original Dead Space and the remake.
  • In the original game, the Advanced Soldier RIG's icon in the store is that of the Advanced Engineer RIG.
  • The Advanced Soldier RIG is the second best RIG in the original game with a total of 30% damage resistance, with the first being the Advanced Unitologist RIG, which has a total of 60% damage resistance. It provides the best protection in the PC version of the game.
  • The Advanced Soldier RIG's helmet resembles a human skull, complete with a hole corresponding to the nasal area.
DSR Full Arsenal

Dead Space (2023)'s "Full Arsenal" achievement art, showing the original suit's helmet.

  • Though the suit's appearance differs significantly from its original counterpart in Dead Space (2023), the suit in its original form can be seen inside the lockers on the USM Valor's Armory. Additionally, the original suit's helmet appears on Twitchers albeit broken by the transformation, as well as on a sign above the Armory/Shooting Gallery's entrance and on the icon of the remake's "Full Arsenal" achievement/trophy.
  • The red stripes above the right eye-slit may be some form of rank or role insignia.
    • In Dead Space: Aftermath, the Marine Colonel's helmet possesses four red stripes, while the helmets of the Marines accompanying him have only two.
    • In the remake, Commander F. Cadigan's helmet possesses three red stripes over the right eye-slit, something that does not appear on the suit available to Isaac and those worn by other USM Valor Marines.
DS1 USM Valor Marine Models

The models for the Marines of the USM Valor in the original game: note their stripped down "helmets".

  • The Advanced Soldier RIGs that are worn by the Marine NPCs encountered on the USM Valor in the original Dead Space differ from the suit that is worn by Isaac, namely in their inclusion of a left shoulder spaulder and their stripped down helms: where Isaac's combat helmet fully encapsulates his head, those that are worn by the Valor's personnel seem only to consist of a mask fitted to the head via a solid band.
DS3 Special Forces Suit Concept

John Carver's Special Forces Suit.

  • The Special Forces Suit worn by John Carver in Dead Space 3 bears a strong resemblance to this suit, particularly its helmet, which features the same skull-like design and three red stripes over one of the eye-slits.
  • According to the texture files of the decals of the suit in the remake, the armor available to Isaac and the ones worn by the EDF Marines on the USM Valor are issued for personnel of the "United Sates(sic) Military Valor", a likely misspelling of "United States Military Valor". It is likely that this is an error, though, as the term "United States" would have no meaning in the Dead Space universe, with the most likely intended name being "United Systems Military".[1]
    • Due to the fact that, during the game production process, such character modeling was assigned to third-party companies for production (which is a very common approach in the gaming industry), these companies may not have a good understanding of the game's worldview, resulting in errors in a small portion of the model details.


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