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The Aegis VII Colony was an illegal mining colony on Aegis VII.


The colony was divided into at least eighteen sectors with each sector subdivided into North, South, East and West sections. Each sector contained two to six levels. The main entrance and each sector was sealed with a pair of thick retractable storm shutters, both to keep intruders out of the colony and to protect those inside from the violent dust storms that frequented the planet.

After the discovery of the Marker 3A and the subsequent Necromorph incursion, the majority of the colony's infected inhabitants are sealed inside the facility. Like the far above USG Ishimura, the colony had quarantine protocols that both helped and hindered Isaac Clarke: By both trapping the vicious Necromorphs away as well as often trapping Clarke with a particularly hostile group of the recombinants.

Control Room BarracksEdit

Medical LabEdit

Excavation SiteEdit

Gravity Tether Computer RoomEdit

Gravity Tether Control RoomEdit

Gravity Tether CoreEdit

Gravity Tether Operations AEdit

Gravity Tether Operations BEdit

Landing PadEdit

Living QuartersEdit

The living quarters are divided by Blocks (A-H) which are further divided by alpha-numeric rows (A-7, B-12, C-4) with numbered apartments in each row.

  • B Block
  • Row D-4
  • Apartment 23
  • D Block
  • Row A-7
  • Row C-4
  • Apartment 23
  • Row C-5
  • Apartment 26
  • H Block
  • Row B-12


The colony also maintained at least twenty seven Megavents:

  • Megavent 12
  • Megavent 24
  • Gravity Tether 16
  • Colony Life Support Power Room
  • Megavent 27

Mission SquareEdit

DS Extraction 60
This location was connected to another Square by a long walkway that led into a station like area. Off to the left are supplies and benches and off to the right was the Shuttle Port.

P-Sec HeadquartersEdit

Dead Space Extraction chapter 2
Serving as command and control for Aegis VII Planet-Side Security, it overlooked Mission Square. P-Sec was attacked early on in the Necromorph attack and shortly after Planet Crack. Weller and McNeill barricaded themselves inside and fought off several Necromorphs.


  • Sector 1
  • Sector 1 East
  • Vehicle Maintenance Bay
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 2 North
  • Inbound Vehicle Bay
  • Sector 2 East
  • Level 1
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 3 North
  • Avenue B7
  • Sector 3 East
  • Secure Quad
  • Brig Cell 17
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 4 South
  • Level 6
  • Sector 8
  • Maintenance Bay
  • Sector 9
  • Sector 9 West
  • Level 5
  • Surgery 1
  • Sector 13
  • Sector 13 West
  • Level 2
  • Sector 18
  • Sector 18 North
  • Megavent 27

Shuttle PortEdit

DS Extraction 104
The Aegis Colony Shuttle Port was rarely seen at all, but was briefly visible in Extraction and the comics. Though in Extraction, the Shuttles looked smaller than the ones in the comics, stating that the larger shuttles could possibly be in the Colony.

After the Marker was moved onto the Ishimura, Captain Benjamin Mathius ordered a no-fly order between the Colony and the Ishimura. Despite the ensuing chaos following Planet Crack, many colonists managed to reach the shuttles. However, a log left by P-Sec Sergeant Abraham Neumann told how one shuttle, either through sabotage or other influences crash landed into the shuttle bay after takeoff, destroying many of the remaining shuttles and killing a massive number of colonists.[1]

Known ColonistsEdit

The following below was a list of Aegis VII's inhabitants before or during the time of the outbreak.


  1. Harford Carthusia was slain in Medlab, Sector 13 West.