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"I just got the latest report from Aegis VII. The situation's worse than Captain Mathius will admit. Forty percent of the colony's population is now showing symptoms - depression, hallucinations, more violence... People are dying down there. I know it's linked to the Marker, somehow, but I just don't have enough data."
—Dr. Terrence Kyne[1]
Marker on AEGIS VII (1)

Aegis VII planet crack site.

The Aegis VII Colony was an illegal mining colony built on Aegis VII by the Concordance Extraction Corporation in 2505. Its manager, Hanford Carthusia, was a member of the Church of Unitology.

After discovering Marker 3A in 2508, the colony descended into madness and was subsequently overrun by Necromorphs.


DSR Aegis VII Colony View

A view of the colony from one of its landing pads.

The colony was divided into at least eighteen sectors with each sector subdivided into North, South, East and West sections. Each sector contained two to six levels. The main entrance and each sector was sealed with a pair of thick retractable storm shutters, both to keep intruders out of the colony and to protect those inside from the violent dust storms that frequented the planet.

After the discovery of Marker 3A and the subsequent Necromorph incursion, the majority of the colony's infected inhabitants were sealed inside the facility. Like the far above USG Ishimura, the colony had quarantine protocols that both helped and hindered Isaac Clarke: by both trapping the vicious Necromorphs away as well as often trapping Clarke with a particularly hostile group of the recombinants.


Despite traveling restrictions on Aegis VII, and unaware of the planet's dark past, the CEC decided to ignore them in favor of constructing the illegal mining colony, investing billions in the operation after they discovered the planet to have trillions worth of saleable resources. Though many employees who participated in the operation were aware of its illegal status, they followed suit with the company's agenda.

Discovery of the Marker[]

"It's calling to us. To death, and - and beyond..."
Private Karklins about the Marker.[2]
Dead-space-extraction--20090505021357249 640w

The extraction team prepares to bring the Marker into the colony.

Due to unusual seismic activity near the colony, a trio of personnel led by Jennifer Barrow were ordered to investigate the cause. While on foot, the group discovered drilling scars upon a rock, which Jennifer noted were similar to an E-34 drilling rig, an obsolete piece of hardware that had not been used in over 150 years. As they delved further into their search, they discovered Marker 3A and reported their findings.

Since the Marker's discovery, the colony began to enter what seemed to be a burgeoning epidemic. Much of the populace began to suffer from insomnia, depression, growing dementia, and even began experiencing vivid hallucinations of their loved ones as well as horrifying monsters. This would eventually culminate in a growing number of homicides, putting a strain on medical personnel and P-Sec. With the removal of the Marker from its pedestal site, fifty Unitologists led by Deakin Abbott committed suicide in the colony's Union Square. Immediately after planet crack, the Necromorphs emerged with new bodies to infect.

As the colony fell into complete chaos and P-Sec lost control, an evacuation was ordered through the shuttle bay, despite Captain Benjamin Mathius ordering a no-fly-zone onto the planet. However, an overloaded passenger shuttle crashed into the bay, destroying all the remaining shuttles with it. The survivors were stranded on the planet and more desperate to push upward for the Ishimura. Three additional shuttles managed to leave the planet: Shuttle 7 (transporting Colin Barrow, his dead wife Jennifer and, unbeknownst to Barrow, an Infector), Shuttle CSO-4 and the Vestri (transporting P-Sec officers Nathan McNeill and Gabe Weller, CEC Director Warren Eckhardt and Lexine Murdoch); all three were denied clearance to land on the Ishimura, but two of them (Shuttle 7 and the Vestri) were able to crash-land on the ship, while Shuttle CSO-4 was destroyed by the Ishimura's ADS Cannons. The landing of Shuttle 7 had catastrophic results: the Infector on board had killed Barrow during the landing and turned both he and his dead wife into Necromorphs, causing the infection to spread on the Ishimura as well.

DSR Aegis VII Colony Corruption

The colony's structure covered in Corruption following the outbreak.

As the ship fell into chaos, contact with the colony was lost again. By the time the USG Kellion arrived in the Cygnus system, the colony had been overrun by the Necromorphs, with all main officers (including manager Hanford Carthusia and P-Sec commander James) killed; when Isaac Clarke reached the planet on the Executive Shuttle, the colony looked completely deserted, aside from Necromorphs.

The colony was eventually destroyed when a massive tectonic load resulting from the planet crack crashed onto Aegis VII's surface, devastating the planet; any remaining survivors (if existent) were presumably killed in the crash and the subsequent devastation.


Excavation Site[]

Control Room Barracks[]

Gravity Tether Computer Room[]

Gravity Tether Control Room[]

Gravity Tether Core[]

Gravity Tether Operations[]


Landing Pad[]

Medical Lab[]


Shuttle Port[]

DS Extraction 104

The Shuttle Port after the crash.

The Aegis Colony Shuttle Port held the shuttles that would transport personnel and equipment between the colony and the ships in orbit.

After the Marker was moved onto the Ishimura, Captain Benjamin Mathius ordered a no-fly order between the Colony and the Ishimura. Despite the ensuing chaos following Planet Crack, many colonists managed to reach the shuttles. However, a log left by P-Sec Sergeant Abraham Neumann told how one shuttle, either through sabotage or other influences, crash landed into the shuttle bay after takeoff, destroying many of the remaining shuttles and killing a massive number of colonists.[3]

Mission Square[]

Walkway to Aegis VII's shuttle port and Mission Square.

This location was connected to another Square by a long walkway that led into a station-like area. Off to the left were supplies and benches and off to the right was the Shuttle Port.

P-Sec Headquarters[]

The interior of Planetside Security's Headquarters.

Serving as command and control for Aegis VII Planetside Security, it overlooked Mission Square. P-Sec was attacked early on in the Necromorph attack and shortly after planet crack. Gabe Weller and Nathan McNeill barricaded themselves inside and fought off several Necromorphs.

Living Quarters[]

The living quarters were divided by Blocks (A-H) which were further divided by alpha-numeric rows (A-7, B-12, C-4) with numbered apartments in each row.

  • B Block
  • Row D-4
  • Apartment 23
  • D Block
  • Row A-7
  • Row C-4
  • Apartment 23
  • Row C-5
  • Apartment 26
  • H Block
  • Row B-12


The colony also maintained at least twenty seven Megavents:

  • Megavent 12
  • Megavent 24
  • Gravity Tether 16
  • Colony Life Support Power Room
  • Megavent 27


  • Sector 1
  • Sector 1 East
  • Vehicle Maintenance Bay
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 2 North
  • Inbound Vehicle Bay
  • Sector 2 East
  • Level 1
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 3 North
  • Avenue B7
  • Sector 3 East
  • Secure Quad
  • Brig Cell 17
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 4 South
  • Level 6
  • Sector 8
  • Maintenance Bay
  • Sector 9
  • Sector 9 West
  • Level 5
  • Surgery 1
  • Sector 13
  • Sector 13 West
  • Level 2
  • Sector 18
  • Sector 18 North
  • Megavent 27

Known Colonists[]

The following is a list of Aegis VII's inhabitants before or during the time of the outbreak.


  1. Hanford Carthusia was slain in Medlab, Sector 13 West.