Aegis VII Survivalist
Aegis VII survivalist DS3
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Aegis VII





Technical Specifications



Damage (DMG):


Ammo Capacity (CLP):


Rate of Fire (SPD):


Effective Range:


Secondary Fire:

Suspended Ripper

Weapon Parts
Upgrade circuit
Dead Space 3

Upper Tool = Plasma Core
Upper Tool Tip = Tundra Recon Tip
Lower Tool = Rip Core
Lower Tool Tip = Tundra Recon Tip
Frame = Compact Elite Frame
Attachment 1 = None
Attachment 2 = None
Upgrade Circuits = None


The Aegis VII Survivalist is offered as downloadable content for Dead Space 3. It can be downloaded in the Tundra Recon Pack for $5.00, or in the Tau Volantis Survival Kit for $15.00.

Specifications Edit

Named after the remote planet of Aegis VII, this weapon combines a Plasma Cutter and Suspended Ripper. It sports a titanium finish designed to withstand the harshest of planetary conditions.

Parts Edit

Frame: Compact Elite Frame

Upper: Tundra Recon Plasma Cutter

  • Upper Tool: Plasma Core
  • Upper Tip: Tundra Recon Tip

Lower: Tundra Recon Ripper

  • Lower Tool: Rip Core
  • Lower Tip: Tundra Recon Tip

Ammunition Edit

It requires no special ammunition because the ammunition in Dead Space 3 is universally distributed among all weapons.


  • Neither the Tundra Recon Plasma Cutter, nor the Tundra Recon Ripper can be combined with any Modules, such as a Rotator Cufflink.
  • Adding an Electric Charge Attachment will cause targets to be bombarded by lightning strikes for as long as the suspended saw blade remains in contact with them.

Appearances Edit