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The Agility Advanced Suit is a suit introduced in the Supernova DLC along with the Forged Engineering Suit and the Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit for Dead Space 2. It is a variant of the Advanced Suit, and comes with 3 matching weapons.


Being a DLC suit, it will cost 0 Credits and is available at any Store. It gives a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 15% armor, retaining the highest upgrade of armor and inventory. It also has the added bonus of giving an additional 10% increase in Stasis Duration.


The suit has some red texture on the helmet and on the shoulders. The helmet differs from the Advanced Suit, which has some black markings on it. Several parts are colored white such as the legs, the wrist and the hips.


  • Given its similar color scheme and bonus to the Triage Suit, this suit may be used by more advanced medical personnel.
  • Since the normal Advanced Suit is used only by elite combat teams, it can be assumed that this suit is used by designated medics on those teams.