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"What could do that kind of damage to a Planet Cracker?"
—Chen after seeing the USG Ishimura's damage report.

Corporal Aiden Chen was the pilot of the USG Kellion and a member of Zach Hammond's security team, serving alongside Hammond and Corporal Hailey Johnston for years.[1]


The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

Chen was an experienced pilot responsible for transporting the Kellion's crew to the USG Ishimura and a longtime colleague of Hammond.[2] He, Hammond, and Kendra Daniels were attacked by Necromorphs in the Flight Lounge. Chen opened fire but was impaled from behind, leading to his death.

Later on, Chen reanimated into a Necromorph that attacked Hammond and Kendra on the Bridge. Hammond managed to lock him inside an escape pod, where he and Isaac Clarke were faced with their former colleague. Hammond explained to Isaac that he had served alongside Chen for years before jettisoning the pod with Chen from the ship.

The pod, however, was retrieved by the USM Valor, where Chen unleashed the Necromorph infection on the crew. Isaac and Hammond eventually boarded the crashed Valor to retrieve its singularity core for the executive escape shuttle, but Chen cornered Hammond at the core's location. Hammond was unable to fire at his former friend due to Marker-induced hallucinations that made him believe Chen was alive, and he told Isaac that he should be brought back to the Kellion, but Chen instead lunged at and impaled Hammond, mortally wounding him. Finally coming to his senses, Hammond dragged himself and Chen into the overloaded singularity core, obliterating both of them.


"But you're on it, right Isaac? Everything's going to be just like it was."
—The voice of Chen to Isaac Clarke during one of his hallucinations.

Later, as Isaac passed by the Ishimura's mess hall after coming into close contact with Marker 3A on the Crew Deck, he heard the voices of Johnston and Chen as a result of his Marker-induced dementia. "Johnston" asked "Chen" if he was ready to hit the ship's bar, referring to what the real Chen had said following the Kellion's crash landing, before "Chen" commented that there was "nothing working" on the ship. Chen's voice then became louder, speaking directly to Isaac as he saw flashes of Marker symbols, with "Chen" telling Isaac that he would be the one to fix everything and make it "just like it was". Presumably, "Chen" was referring to Isaac's mission of reuniting the Marker with its pedestal on Aegis VII to amplify the Marker signal and make it "work" correctly again.


  • Aiden Chen is voiced and mo-capped by Chris Wu.
  • When asked about Hammond's attachment to Chen, Anthony Alabi stated that, while working on the character, he envisioned that Chen had pulled Hammond out of a dangerous situation and saved his life two missions prior to the Ishimura assignment.[3]



"USG Ishimura, this is the emergency maintenance team of the USG Kellion responding to your distress call. Come in Ishimura."

Corporal Chen was the pilot of the USG Kellion and a member of Zach Hammond's security team.


Chen was the first individual to communicate to the USG Ishimura. He was able to successfully crash land the Kellion aboard the Planet Cracker despite a failure in the auto-docking procedure.

Chen, along with the other members of the team, reached the Flight Lounge, only to find it deserted. While the group was trying to understand what had happened to the ship's crew, a quarantine procedure was automatically started by the Ishimura's central computer, causing all lights to turn off. Immediately after that, a Slasher entered the room via the ventilation shaft and killed Corporal Johnston by decapitating him: Chen and Commander Zach Hammond immediately opened fire on the creature, but another Slasher entered the Lounge and killed Chen, pouncing on him and biting him in the throat. He was the second crew member of the USG Kellion to die during the Second Aegis VII Incident.

By the time Isaac Clarke returned to the Flight Lounge, Chen's body had already vanished along with Johnston's, suggesting he had been transformed into a Necromorph. It is also possible that Isaac later had a hallucination of Chen at the Bridge, near the Communications Array. Isaac briefly saw a bloodied officer asking him to "make us whole again" and disappearing shortly after; it is fitting to see a hallucination of Chen near the Comms Array, since Chen was a communications officer.