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"I am so fucking sick of these fucking things."
—Alejandro about the Necromorphs.

Alejandro Borges was an engineer from Titan Station who was assigned to the USG O'Bannon during its mission to Aegis VII. He serves as one of the protagonists of Dead Space: Aftermath.


Alejandro was part of the gravity stabilization team consisting of himself, his cousin Noah Pawling and Omar Nayim, who were sent to Aegis VII to prevent the planet from destabilizing while their accompanying team supposedly measured gravity fluctuations. In reality, this second team was searching for fragments of Marker 3A. Alejandro was suspicious about the team's true purpose on the planet, and on his way to the gravity stabilizer he mentioned this to his team. Later on, they were attacked at the stabilizer tower by a hallucinating Nickolas Kuttner, who killed Alejandro's cousin. The planet was destabilized and the survivors evacuated to the O'Bannon.

Alejandro was one of the four survivors of the subsequent Necromorph outbreak aboard the O'Bannon. He was rescued along with the others by Marines from the USM Abraxis, where he was interrogated about the incident. At the end of the interrogation, he was set free, but as he walked away, he was shot dead by one of the guards; as he was never in direct contact with the Marker shard that the team had found, he was no longer deemed valuable for EarthGov's research.


  • Alejandro suffered from Arachnophobia.
  • Alejandro is voiced by Ricardo Chavira, who also voices Sgt. John Carver in Dead Space 3.
  • Alejandro lost his right arm in a mining accident when a gravity stabilizer exploded, killing 15 of his crewmates while Alejandro was able to save five. For unknown reasons, he used a cybernetic arm instead of a cloned one.