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Alejandro Borges was one of the four main protagonists from Dead Space: Aftermath. It was noticed that he was the second "Immune" character to the alien effigy like Michael Altman who was the founder of Unitology.


Alejandro was part of the gravity stabilization team (Consisting of himself, his cousin named Noah Pawling and Omar Nayim) sent to Aegis VII to prevent the planet from destabilizing while their accompanying team (Consisting of Nolan Stross; Isabel Cho; Nickolas Kuttner and Rin) supposedly measured the gravity fluctuations. In reality, they are searching for the fragments of the Red Marker. He was suspicious about the team's true purpose on the planet and on his way to the gravity stabilizer, he mentioned to his team that the team's mission was suspicious. Later on, his cousin was killed by a hallucinating Kuttner. His flashback revealed the escape from Aegis VII, more information on the purpose of the USG O'Bannon, more details on the crew as well as the events that occurred after his cousin was killed by Nickolas Kuttner.

At the end of the interrogation, he was set free. However, as he was walking away, he was shot dead. The reason for that because he was never in contact with the Marker shard and he was no longer deemed valuable for the Earth Government.


  • Alejandro suffered from Arachnophobia which was the fear of spiders.
  • Alejandro is voiced by Ricardo Chavira who voices Sgt. John Carver in Dead Space 3. He is also known for portraying Carlos Solis in the TV series, Desperate Housewives and Sam in Piranha 3D.
  • Ricardo Chavira's castmate from Desperate Housewives, Gwendoline Yeo who portrayed Xiao-Mei also stars alongside him in Dead Space: Aftermath as Isabel Cho.
  • In Alejandro's flashback, it was shown that he and his crew had a different type of clothing as in Alejandro's flashback, they wore the Standard Miner RIG and the Intermediate Engineer RIG that does not expose so much of the face like ingame, while in Kuttner's flashback, they carried completely different suits with helmets that exposed the entire face.
  • Alejandro lost his right arm in a mining accident when a gravity stabilizer exploded which 15 of his crewmates are killed. He managed to save the five crew members. For some reason, he used a cybernetic arm instead of a cloned one.
    • It is possible that he chose to keep the cybernetic as a visual reminder of his failure. It was also possible that he chose it for instances where his increased strength was needed.