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Alexis Stross was the wife of Nolan Stross. She appeared in Dead Space: Aftermath.


Mission to Aegis VII[]

Alexis joined the crew of the USG O'Bannon along with her husband Nolan and their infant son. Alexis was said to be constantly stressed, arguing with Nolan over their crumbling marriage. She was ignored by Nolan, who claimed that she was ruining the only few minutes that he could spare with her and his son.

Alexis pointed out her suspicion of him having an affair with Isabel Cho. Nolan denied this, telling his wife that he brought them with him so they could be together, which Alexis countered by telling him that she only came because she nagged him to take her. Nolan stubbornly left Alexis to comfort their crying son.

Later on, a hallucinating Nolan Stross entered their suite to protect her and their son, only to see the both of them as creatures. Nolan first killed his son, and Alexis, horrified, screamed at him that he was attacking their child and pleaded for him to stop, only to be attacked in return by her hallucinating husband. A grievously wounded Alexis weakly asked why, only to be smashed across the head, killing her. Cho walked in to see the horror that had just unfolded, but Nolan simply stated that his family was alive and safe and he had only killed two monsters that were going to hurt them.

Dead Space 2[]

Stross was haunted by hallucinations of his dead wife and son, often saying that they were watching him. Stross also somewhat believed that they were still alive.[1][2]


  • Unlike her son who appeared as a Lurker in Stross' hallucination, Alexis did not appear as a known Necromorph. In fact, she simply appeared almost as a traditional zombie, with a thin body with hollowed out facial features and empty eye sockets.
  • Alexis was voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.



  1. Dead Space: Aftermath takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2, the latter taking place in 2511.