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"After a grueling hours-long hike, we made camp at the feet of one such 'statue'. To keep from freezing, we deployed a portable heating unit and huddled around it until we managed to fall asleep. I was jolted awake by a shrill flute-like noise. The 'statue' was gone and so were half my crew. As I fumbled for my gear I saw it, gaunt and gray, its bone-crusted head staring in my direction. This couldn't be one of the noble beings that constructed this city, could it? It appeared stunted and corrupt, a frightening and twisted version of this species."
S.C.A.F. Corporal Elizabeth Atwood[1]

The Alien Necromorph is a Necromorph created from members of the species native to Tau Volantis.


"Move move! He's on the wall above - WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!"
—A Unitologist Circle soldier just before being killed by an Alien Necromorph.

Dead Space Alien Necromorph Sound Effects HD

A Necromorph variant of the mysterious alien species once native to Tau Volantis, these menacing, strong beasts stand around 7 to 8 feet tall (a little over 2 meters tall) and are very similar to human-created Brutes in overall size, appearance and behavior. The torso of the creatures has been split open to allow the ejection of Crawlers at prey. Their skin is mottled and rotten, and the digits on the arms have rotted down to the bone, producing scythe-like claws.

One notable characteristic of this Necromorph is the eerie, high-pitched whistling sound it produces while attacking; this sound is derived from the resonating chambers known to be possessed by its alien host.

In Dead Space 3, they replace Brutes and Tripods and are first encountered during Isaac Clarke's descent to the underground city in Chapter 16.

Alien necromorph attacking

An Alien Necromorph attacking two Circle soldiers.

These Necromorphs have three main attacks: charging towards the player, giving a powerful punch if the player gets too close and being able to burst out Crawlers made from the extinct alien hosts. They will burst out the Crawlers if the player gets too close, but they can also burst them out if they are far away, possibly to cause chaos and distract the players while the Alien Necromorphs begin charging towards them.


Alien necromorph prepairing to jump

The most common alien Necromorph form.

Brutes are the most commonly encountered variants of these Necromorphs. As stated before, they are almost identical to their uninfected selves, but have their bellies burst open, which are used to spew their recombinated offspring at their prey. Their skin is horribly rotten and the digits on their arms have decomposed into scythe-like claws. They will charge at any prey found, using their sheer mass to topple them before ripping them apart with their clawed forelimbs.

Hive Mind/Nexus[]

Dead Space 3 Nexus Concept

The alien Hive Mind/Nexus Necromorph form.

Along with the smaller Necromorph variants, several of the natives were reformed into gigantic Hive Mind forms, similar to the one encountered on Aegis VII, capable of redirecting the Marker signal and posing as mobile command centers enhancing the lesser Necromorphs' intelligence.

Among the surviving specimens is the one that the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces research teams would name the Nexus. It has a stomach, eyes, and Nests inside of it. These are usually filled with enhanced Feeders that have been eating at their insides to make themselves stronger.



The infant alien Crawler form.

These are offspring of an alien Brute, taking take the place of the Brute's ranged attacks from Dead Space and Dead Space 2. They make shrill high pitched screams similar to their adult counterparts. Their only attack is to attempt to surround their victim and then inflict damage by exploding, similar to a Crawler.

Combat Strategy[]

  • Stasis proves to be an effective tool when fighting them, as it allows Isaac to fire his weapon into the Necromorph at the right moment for optimum results. Even using high-accuracy such as the Javelin Gun could prove to be a difficult shot against the brute-like beasts.
  • High damage weapons (such as a Shotgun) can be extremely effective.
  • Most Alien Necromorph encounters rarely end with a single fight, many times another will be encountered almost immediately or shortly afterwards, so be sure to fight conservatively with ammunition and stasis.
  • Chainguns (telemetry spike + diffraction torus) with the stasis coating mod are very effective at stopping them. Acid Bath is also very effective, as the additional damage over time will put them down before they have a chance to get into range.
  • Using a gun modded with a ground diffractor will kill the Crawlers that it expels from its belly and will not set their bodies off. Use them against the behemoth to conserve ammo.
  • Dismembering their legs will effectively reduce the chances of them charging at you.
  • The blueprint-based weapon Seek And Destroy can also be useful when fighting the Alien Necromorphs. The explosions from the projectiles it fires can easily kill the Alien in two shots.
  • The Contact Beam is also a good choice when it begins to rear. It usually takes two shots.
  • If you have an explosive under barrel attachment for the Rivet Gun or Javelin Gun, use it to hit the Alien Necromorph and follow up the last shot with an acid bath attachment if the explosion doesn't manage to kill it.
  • Using the Magnesium Afterburner with a few Damage circuits can kill the Alien Necromorph in a matter of seconds.
  • An effective killing strategy is to employ the same strategy that works with Brutes; simply use Stasis on the Necromorph and then run behind it and begin shooting it in the back of its legs and arms.
  • Another effective strategy is to have an upgraded Seeker Rifle with Stasis Coating attachment. If the weapon has full damage and a slightly better than stock rate of fire, it will kill the creature in a handful of shots, long before it reaches you.

Death Scenes[]

  • If Isaac or Carver has low health, they will simply fall over and possibly get ripped to pieces if they get hit by the Necromorph's many attacks.


  • Alien Necromorphs share several similarities with Brute Necromorphs from previous games. Both Necromorphs share similar body structure and size, as well as their attacks. They both can burst out "bombs" made from Necromorph bio-mass, except the alien variants are able to spawn infant aliens as opposed to the human variant that bursts out explosive sacks only when the creature has received major and critical damage by losing one of its arms.
    • It is possible the Alien Necromorphs are a variant of the Brute, just created from the different body-structure of the extinct alien race. Because the aliens were so huge, there was no need for multiple bodies to compose the entire Necromorph, unlike with the human variant.
  • Unlike the Brutes of previous games, shooting an Alien Necromorph anywhere on its body will cause damage to it, likely because it lacks the former's armored plates. However, it also becomes nigh-impossible to halt a charging Alien Necromorph unless the shot tears off a limb or two, or outright kills the creature.
  • The Alien Necromorphs can be decapitated, though like most previously-encountered strains of Necromorphs, this will not hinder the creature in any way aside from moderately damaging it. 
  • Despite their corpses being easily movable by simply walking into them, they are too heavy to be picked up by Kinesis, and attempts to do so will only slightly budge them.
  • This is one of the few Necromorphs susceptible to shots to the center of the body, being effectively taken down without dismemberment.
  • During the initial expedition to Tau Volantis, several Alien Necromorphs were discovered frozen within the planet's surface. Upon thawing, these thought to be dead creatures returned to life, slaughtering members of the science team. This further adds to the Necromorphs' already impressive physiology, able to survive millennium encased in ice.
  • The Alien Necromorphs will retreat when the player stands on the launch pads located in the Alien Machine (allowing travel to the various sections of it). Simply running on and off the platform will make them turn around and run a bit. This behavior is similar to that of the Brute around stairs.
  • Towards the end of the game is a good time to get the "Close Encounter" achievement, as long as you kill the ones you find.
  • It is possible the Alien Necromorphs were first female aliens of the extinct species, as they contain a huge amount of Crawlers that appear to be infants of the aliens. The physiology of the alien species may have been similar to a fish that can store thousands of eggs inside its body.