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"My name is Alissa Vincent. I was... Am the security chief onboard the Ishimura. I may be the sole survivor. We encountered an alien life form. They have taken over the bodies of the crew. The colony was lost. My team is dead. The Ishimura is under their control. It is my belief that the artifact we discovered on the surface is somehow responsible. It has driven us mad. Turned us against each other. If you find this recording, the Ishimura and the artifact must be destroyed. Tell those on Earth that many people fought and died bravely. Don't let us be forgotten. This is Chief Alissa Vincent, signing off."

Alissa Vincent was the head of P.C.S.I. Security of the USG Ishimura.


Little was known about Alissa's early life before her service as the Chief Security Officer on board the USG Ishimura. At some point in her career with the CEC, Alissa became the head of the Security Division aboard the Ishimura. Despite her executive position, Alissa continued to lead a portion of her division as a team leader.[note 2]

When the Ishimura was dispatched to Aegis VII and subsequently brought Marker 3A aboard, Alissa protested bringing the artifact on board the ship.[2]

The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

During the massacre on Aegis VII, Alissa demanded that the Ishimura should send a squad down to investigate the situation, but was repeatedly denied by Captain Benjamin Matthius.

After a shuttle that fled the colony crash landed into the docking bay of the ship, she led a squad of security officers to investigate the wreckage. To their horror, they discovered the shuttle covered and surrounded by pools of blood. They proceeded to follow a trail of bloody footsteps leading away from the wreckage.

The trail led them to the Morgue where they discovered the mutated body of Hans Leggio, a homicidal and suicidal prisoner. The body suddenly sprung back to life and mortally wounded Dobbs. He was eventually gunned down by Alissa and her team in a hail of bullets. Shen, another teammate, moved to aid Dobbs, but out of the shadows came another Slasher, a female nurse once in charge of keeping watch over the prisoner.

After killing the creature, Alissa eventually led her remaining squad in a futile effort against the Necromorphs. Pendleton died in a firefight with the Necromorphs. Alissa and the rest of her team were saved by a man named Samuel Irons, a devout Unitologist. He ripped the Necromorphs apart with a Plasma Saw, inspiring Alissa and her team to do the same.

Later, Alissa encountered a group of survivors in the infected zone of the Ishimura. Despite fellow officer Gabe Weller's attempts to talk Alissa and her team down, one of the group was subdued with a taser. The rest were placed under arrest.[3] Nicole Brennan was contacted by Alissa who informed the Senior Medical Officer that her team had apprehended four colonists who had snuck aboard.[4] Nicole, baffled by her call, believed that they still remained in her jurisdiction. Alissa insisted, citing that she wanted them checked out for any signs of the infection spreading across the ship.[5]

Leading the remainder of her team back to the Bridge, they engaged in another fight with the Necromorphs. One of her team members, Hanson eventually went insane and killed Shen by splitting her in half length-ways with a Plasma Saw. Hanson attempted to kill Alissa as well, pinning her down and attempting to shove the Saw into her head. Alissa held out long enough for Ramirez to kill Hanson.

Eventually, Alissa was successful in returning to the Bridge and discovered that Dr. Terrence Kyne had overridden the ship's gravitational controls and was planning to crash the ship into the planet below.

Along the way to stop Kyne, the remaining members discovered a group of survivors being attacked by the Necromorphs. Not wanting them to be killed, Alissa offered to distract the Necromorphs while Irons and Ramirez rescued the survivors through the vents. Irons, however, forced Alissa to take his place as he decided to distract the Necromorphs instead. Alissa and Ramirez helped the survivors through the vents to safety. Helping the last survivors escape to the Bridge, Alissa and Ramirez watched in horror as Irons was killed and turned into a Necromorph by an Infector.

Alissa and Ramirez eventually reached the door where the gravitional controls were, but discovered that Kyne had locked the door. Ramirez managed to override the lock while telling Alissa about the irony of his decision to work for security rather than the military. Realizing that he too was succumbing to the same madness that had consumed Hanson, Ramirez sacrificed himself to slow the Necromorphs down in front of the locked door. Vincent listened to Ramirez's screams of pain behind the locked door before proceeding to the control room.

Alissa confronted Kyne, who explained that the Red Marker was responsible for everything and must not be returned to Earth. However, Alissa was not willing to sacrifice the lives of the surviving crew of the ship for the greater good. They got into a heated fight with Alissa able to successfully subdue Kyne and restart the engines. However, Kyne fled, taking Alissa's weapon along with him before she could submit the codes needed to deactivate the drift.


Alissa wandered aimlessly to the docking bay and was confronted by a horde of Necromorphs. She made a break for the Marker and hunkered in front of it. There, Alissa discovered that the creatures were unable to approach the Marker, blocked by some invisible force. Helpless, Alissa slept under the protection of the Marker. Waking up a while later, she was greeted by an apparition of Ramirez. Ramirez urged her to finish the mission, but when she asked how, he disappeared.

Alissa noticed the downed shuttle in the bay immediately and realized what she must do. She made her way to a computer station and recorded a video log telling those who might see it that she believed the Marker was responsible for everything and it and the Ishimura must be destroyed. After recording the message, Alissa activated the venting cycle and made a mad dash for the shuttle.

As the doors opened, it subsequently blew numerous Necromorphs into the vacuum of space. Alissa, while hanging onto the shuttle for dear life, managed to activate and launch a distress beacon from the shuttle into space.

Despite her efforts to hold on, Alissa was blown into the vacuum of space. Her body drifted off into the darkness as the USG Kellion approached the Ishimura, responding to the distress signal.


Alissa was headstrong and protective of human life, often leading her into conflict with her superiors. During the incident aboard the Ishimura, she was responsible for saving a fair number of civilians as well as stopping Kyne from scuttling the ship, though the Ishimura would remain in a deteriorating orbit until the arrival of Isaac Clarke. Alissa would not survive the incident, however, sacrificing herself in a futile attempt to launch a warning beacon.


  • Vincent is voiced by Nika Futterman, who also voiced Asajj Ventress in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and TV series that premiered the same year.
  • Vincent was mentioned by Gabe Weller in Dead Space: Extraction and led the small team of security officers who apprehended Weller and the others according to the comic book adaptation.
  • When Alissa was cornered near the Red Marker by the Necromorphs in the hangar bay, she was protected by a field known as a "dead space" field.
    • Interesting to note however, is the fact that while no Necromorphs could approach Alissa, Necromorphs could still attack Isaac while he was moving the Red Marker. This may have to do with the Marker's sentient ability to control the signal that it emits and create different effects, as observed by Michael Altman in the events of Dead Space: Martyr or a gameplay aspect.
  • When Alissa was sucked out of a docking bay into space, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" played in the background.
  • Alissa seemed to be somewhat resilient to the signal caused by Marker 3A as she began to hallucinate only after all hope seemed lost.


"Sir, I need to take a team down there. At the very least we need to know what we're dealing with."
"Get full mags in those weapons; I think we're about to walk into a world of shit."
"I've lost contact with the bridge; we're going to head there now. Anything gets in our way, cut first, ask questions later. Got it?"
"Here we go."
"Ain't nothing over. There are still people out there fighting to survive. It's our job to help them survive this, or die trying. You're an officer for Christ's sake. Do your job."

"Okay, we're going to get these guys out of here."
"What about Kyne?"
"We'll get to him; these people need our help. Come on."

"Defiant to the end; I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Alissa. A good soldier never admits defeat, even when it's staring you in the face."
—Dr. Terrance Kyne[1]
"Our job is the safety of the crew. The way I see it, we have two options: fight or die. We don't have the luxury of running."



  1. Dead Space: Downfall takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2.
  2. It is unknown how many years Alissa served as P.C.S.I. Chief Security Officer, or how many years she has served on the Ishimura.


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