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DS 3 Aloha Station Ext


"Remember boys, the Colonies are counting on you."
—Aloha Station radio operator

Aloha Station is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3.


Perched on top of the S.C.A.F Pipeline, Radio Tower RS 10, commonly referred to as Aloha Station, was a relay that formed an integral part of SCAF's radio network on Tau Volantis. The 41st Engineering Brigade soldier stationed here was a fan of Hawaii and established the eponymous radio station to aid the legionaries' morale by playing music, messages from home, and reminders from central command.


Similar to a hospitality unit, Aloha Station was a single room facility on top of the pipeline, with a washroom, kitchen and pantry, lockers for excursions, a bench, and a broadcasting set. The soldier occupying it had taken time to decorate it with Hawaii-themed posters, fake flowers, and even a fake paper palm.