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"It is the decision of the Council to invoke Scenario Five. What we once thought would save us from extinction has only served to hasten it."
—Ambrose Caiden[1]

General of the Army Ambrose Caiden was a senior officer in the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces who was involved in overseeing the Marker replication and research projects.[1]


In 2314, after the SCAF expedition to Tau Volantis, Caiden informed Major General Spencer Mahad that the Sovereign Colonies Council had decided to invoke Scenario Five and all materials and personnel connected to the Marker program had to be destroyed.[1]


  • Ambrose Caiden's character portrait is 3rd United States Secretary of Defense George Catlett Marshall.
  • According to the reasoning of parliamentary countries, Ambrose Caiden holds a position similar to that of the Defense Secretary of the Sovereign Colonies.