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Amelia Kyne was the late wife of Dr. Terrence Kyne.


Second Aegis VII Incident[]

Dr. Challus Mercer mentioned in an audio log that Amelia had died several years before the events on Aegis VII, yet Kyne was claiming to, somehow, have spoken to her.

In reality, the Red Marker recreated the image of Amelia in the mind of Terrence, which was similar to the recreation of Nicole Brennan who appeared before Isaac Clarke. Kyne was fully deceived by this hallucination even though unlike Isaac, he was fully aware that his wife was dead. It was known that the apparition of Amelia repeatedly told Terrence to "Make [them] whole again", just like what "Nicole" said to Isaac.

This hallucination urged Terrence to take the Marker "home" to Aegis VII, claiming it would contain the Hive Mind. Terrence's dying words seemed to indicate that he was seeing Amelia walking away from him, indicating the Red Marker abandoning the dying scientist as a potential vessel to return it to Aegis VII.