Arc Welding Gun
Arc Welder
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Schofield Tools


Electric Fusing Device

Technical Specifications

Damage (DMG):


Rate of Fire (SPD):


Secondary Fire:

Concentrated electrical discharge

Weapon Parts

The Arc Welding Gun was an engineering tool designed by Schofield Tools for repairing structural damage of any platform. It was a preferred tool in comparison to the Rivet Gun which was used when an Arc Welder was unavailable.

Design DetailsEdit

The Arc Welder was roughly the size of a Force Gun and fired a concentrated bolt of electricity which was capable of arcing to nearby regions, making extreme caution necessary when operating. It's secondary use fired a concentrated ball of electricity discharge. It was most likely utilized for engineering purposes for welding together pieces of metal, much like it's real-life namesake.

Combat TipsEdit

  • It also seemed to fire the same way that the flamethrower did. The only difference was that it shot electricity instead of fire.
  • The Arc Welder was fairly useful and reliable in combat scenarios. The ability of its primary fire to spread to nearby targets was useful when being charged by multiple enemies. It's secondary fire was also useful when being met with waves of enemies as it too had a large range of damage. The electrical pulse of both modes of fire seemed to be strong enough to physically dismember both humans and Necromorphs.
  • Aside from the Flamethrower, the Arc Welder had the fastest rate of ammo consumption. Ammunition was found fairly often depending on the amount of weapons in one's inventory, but the quantity given was not particularly generous. This made the use of secondary fire particularly inadvisable.
  • The Arc Welder was very useful against the Flyers since all of what you had to do was to track them with the reticule and it could arc to others in the area.



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