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Archaeologist Suit
Archaeologist suit DS3
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The Archaeologist suit is a RIG suit that was used by S.C.A.F. scientists and archaeologists on Tau Volantis. It is found by the elevator to the power generator for the furnace in Chapter 11.

Description Edit

"The archaelogist suit is woven with puncture-resistant micro-fibers for increased physical protection and body heat retention."
—Suit Kiosk description

The suit has an orange and yellow color scheme, likely for additional visibility during blizzards on the Tau Volantis Dig Site. The jacket of the suit is heavily padded with additional elbow pads leading up to the shoulders to prevent movement restriction in the arms. Several strings and pouches line the belt and pant legs of the suit to hold additional mining tools or excavation materials. Like the Arctic Survival Suit, it has a synthetic fiber collar for increased heat protection.



  • The flashlight on the side of the suit's helmet has a metal clip on the lens to keep it in place.
  • Finding the suit near the half-thawed Nexus, one would assume it was used by the scientists to study it and navigate inside of the creature.
  • On the right side of Isaac's version of the suit, a variant of the CEC logo except that the C is colored white and green while the planet is replaced by a shape similar to a house. This indicates that members of the S.C.A.F. archaeological team were outsourced from the CEC, likely due to the company's expertise on geological excavation.
  • Carver's Archaeologist Suit is just a recolored version of Isaac's Arctic Survival Suit, while Carver's Arctic Survival Suit is a recolored version of Isaac's Archaeologist Suit.
  • On the green pouch on lower-back area of the suit, an ID-card is visible, presumably belonging to either Isaac or the suit's original owner.


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