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The Archaeology Warehouse is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3 and the site of the Archaeology Co-Op Mission.


Events of 2514[]

The mission is available in Chapter 11 after Isaac Clarke and John Carver retrieve the Probe Gun blueprint from Jennifer Santos. After leaving the Nexus warehouse and backtracking through the Coring Platform, Isaac leads Carver towards the path to the warehouse with the Probe Gun parts, but Carver sees a bloodied woman who appears to be freezing and calls out to her. Isaac stops him and asks him if everything is okay, not noticing the woman, and Carver replies saying that they should look for the woman. While Carver leads Isaac in the direction that the woman was headed,  Isaac questions Carver if he really saw a woman, but Carver replies that she would have only headed for that direction. The player playing as Carver will shortly see the woman walking towards a previously locked elevator door and walks through it, and the door becomes unlocked. 

Upon using a second elevator, it will apparently stop and Carver will see a picture of Dylan and Damara on each wall of the elevator, with their eyes gouged out and bleeding profusely. Isaac doesn't see any of it, and he apparently is unable to respond when Carver calls out to him. When Isaac and Carver enter the warehouse, Carver sees toy soldiers, birthday presents,  toys and party streamers with messages adorned with them like "Daddy hates me" or "Dead inside". Further exploration of the warehouse has Carver being haunted by voices of his wife and son, and when Carver again calls out to Isaac, he remains silent. 

Upon entering the storage room and activating the lift, Another message from "Damara" to Carver was to get him to "Join the party". After completing the mission and leaving from the elevator they came from, Carver blacks out for Isaac to reveal that they were standing in the elevator for five minutes, and ask if they were going to check the place out, hinting that the entire mission was a product of Carver's dementia. Carver, shaken from his experience, declines to explore.  Isaac yields, commenting that "some things are better left buried".


Excavation Base Camp[]

We can access this co-op mission during Chapter 11 and it is in the Base camp area just before the excavation drill site and coring platform. You will find an elevator here marked with the words ‘co-op’ on the door. We can ride this down an underground storage area. There is another SK-1P here similar to the one we used up in space to move between the various zones except there is nowhere for us to travel to at this time. Use the bench and suit kiosk in this room if you require and then take the other lift down to the optional mission area.

Archaeology Sector[]

After getting off the lift, follow the walkway to the end and use the elevator to reach the lower level. As you approach the unlocked door, a pack of 10-12 Feeders will enter the room through a number of vents. Eliminate them before proceeding through the unlocked door.  Continue through the hallway around the corner here and into the next open area.

Another group of feeders will attack here. So kill them off and then go through the next door. As you enter, go and grab the text log [Log 1/4] from the crate to the left and then climb the nearby ladder. Enter the door here and kill the leaper that appears, continue through the unlocked door into the next area.

Follow the walkway across the bridge. As you cross, a swarm of 10-12 Feeders, 2-3 Lurkers and 2-3 Leapers will emerge from vents and attack.  Kill them before proceeding through the unlocked door on the opposite side of the room.

You'll find a bench in here, so use that if you need to restock on ammo or med packs and find the exit door. Next to this you'll find an audio log [Log 2/4]. Head on through to the next room and take the elevator down to the lower area. As you reach the bottom, two Enhanced Slashers will appear, kill them and mosey on through the unlocked door. Continue through the door on the far side of the area (note there is an upgrade circuit on the left hand side of the room on new game +).

The room you enter is a fairly large one and you will get attacked by another swarm of Feeders, 2-3 Leapers and a further 2-3 Lurkers here. Fend them off and continue down the stairs to the left. Pull out the battery here. Instead of sticking it in the slot at the top of the stairs, carry it over to the side of the room opposite the entrance and shoot it up onto the catwalk. Climb the ladder and stick the battery into the socket here. Go inside the door that unlocks and grab the upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/4] from the locker on the wall.

Grab the battery and fire it back down to the lower level and this time stick it in the socket at the top of the stairs. Proceed through the now unlocked door.  Continue through the next two doors until you enter another larger room.

Climb the stairs here. At the top you will find an audio log [Log 3/4]. Go through the door on the left. Grab the Weapon Part – Directed Ejection Field [Weapon Part 1/4] from the crates at the back of the room and kill the Enhanced Slasher and a leaper or two that appear when you do so. Head on through the next unlocked door on the left and take the lift at the end of the hallway.

As soon as you get off the lift, go and grab the audio log [Log 4/4] from the crate to the left.  Another swarm of Feeders will attack with backup from a couple of Lurkers so fend them off.  Climb the ladder,  follow the walkway all the way around and head through the next couple of doors here.

When you enter the larger room, look around to the left as you enter for a Weapon Part – Rip Core [Weapon Part 2/4] hiding under a desk.  Climb down the ladder in the next room.  There is a pair of new enemies - wheezers down here.

New Enemy: Wheezer
Wheezers are fairly passive as enemies go and will not attack you. What they can do however is release a cloud of poisonous gas that fills the area surrounding their location. They appear as hunched over bodies with large air sacs on their backs. Whilst they are alive, the gas will remain, forcing Isaac to use up his oxygen stores. Shooting them a few times will kill them.

Once you have killed them, climb up the ladder on the other side of the room (note that on the right at the top is a weapon part – MKII- Compact Directed Ejection Field on new game +). Killing the wheezers will have caused a number of feeders and lurkers to spawn on the previous walkway and some of them will traverse through vents to reach you. Kill any that bother you before continuing through the unlocked door nearby when able. Take the lift in here to the next area.

There is a bench here and a door we can open with a torque bar to the right (so you can conveniently create a torque bar if you don't have one). Open this and inside you will find a Blueprint – Flamethrower [Blueprint 1/1]. Exit to the bench room, loot the rest of the place and head through the next unlocked door.

Now here's a familiar sight! If you have done some of the previous optional missions, you will know that pushing the button to summon this cargo lift is going to cause a good number of enemies to spawn and you will have to defend yourself until the lift reaches the floor, so don't say I didn't warn you! When you are ready to continue, press the button.

During this defence, you will first have to kill off a pack of 10-12 feeders. These are followed up by 6 or so lurkers and a further 5-6 leapers. It is not much different from the encounters that we have had so far in this co-op mission, so as long as you and your partner are on the same page there should be no real dramas holding the baddies off!

Once the lot of them are dead, the cargo lift will lower to the floor. Open the chest on it for 2 Upgrade Circuits [Circuit 2/4 and Circuit 3/4] and 2 Weapon Parts – Weller's Compact Frame [Weapon Part 3/4] and Flame glaze [Weapon Part 4/4]. Continue up the stairs at the back of the room (note there is a weapon part – MKII – Repeater on the shelf here on New game +) and follow the walkway to the right. Enter the door here.

Climb the stairs and enter the door at the top, as you enter look on the nearby shelf for an EarthGov Artifact [Artifact 1/1].  Ignore the unlocked door here and go down the short flight of stairs, kill the lurker here. Go past the bench and look on the wall to the right near the end of the short corridor for a locker containing an upgrade circuit [Circuit 4/4].

Head back up to the unlocked door and go through it. Take the lift at the end of the hallway. Continue through the two smaller rooms here until you exit into a larger area.

Kill the leapers that appear here. There is a suit kiosk, a bench and a lift back up to the underground storage area here (note there is an upgrade circuit on the table next to the lockers to the left of the foot of the stairs on new game +).proceed through the unlocked door to the left.

Climb the ladder here and take the elevator at the end of the walkway back up to the underground storage area to complete the optional mission.


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"Dead Space 3" walkthrough (Impossible) 60FPS Cooperative mission - Archaeology (in Chapter 11)