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The Arctic Security Suit is a variation of the normal Security Suit. The suit is obtained for free after starting a New Game+ with a save completed on Zealot difficulty. Judging by the badge on the left armlet, this particular arctic suit is probably used by soldiers on reconnaissance missions in harsh cold environments.


The suit differs from the normal Security Suit in that the bodysuit is a light grey and the under vest white, while the armour and helmet bear a digital camouflage pattern of grey and dark grey pixels on a white background. The right brassy bears the triple chevron rank insignia of an Army Sergeant, while the left armlet bears the words "ARCTIC RECON" etched on it. On both armlets, there is a skull etched on them reminiscent of the Visceral Games logo. A suit designation 00MZ42 can be found on the right side of the rig. A white 32 can be found on the right thigh plate as well as the back right side of the helmet.


  • This suit appears to have been a hint to the setting of Dead Space 3, its arctic camouflaged pattern hinting towards Tau Volantis' arctic environment.
  • This suit somewhat resembles the Hostile Environment Suit in Dead Space 3 in function.
  • A bug exists within this RIG's equipping animation. Normally, when a suit is put on, Isaac will not have anything equipped, but the damage-boosted Flamethrower, if present in Isaac's inventory, can be seen attached to his right hand and will clip through the suit when Isaac stretches the collar section.
    • Also, the Flamethrower will automatically be equipped upon wearing the suit
  • This is all likely in reference to John Carpenter's The Thing given its arctic setting, a flamethrower being used against its titular monster and its notable influence on the Dead Space series.
  • The suit is referred to as a 'desert' uniform in the game files (most likely due to the fact that the Arctic is a desert itself).