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Armado Creeg was a computer engineer like Franco Delille.


Armado Creeg was one of the Sprawl's residents that went mad before or during the initial outbreak of the Necromorph infestation. He believed that the government was spying on him and his family was in on it too. This made him take his entire family hostage at gunpoint. Hodgkens and a team of Sprawl security officers are seen outside his residence, Resident Block 61 Apartment 825. He hacked into the local security and surveillance systems which prevented the security from storming his apartment.

This forced Hodgkens to attempt to negotiate with him. When that failed, Hodgkens called his former partner, Sarah Andarsyn on to assist him. At Sarah's suggestion, Franco Delille was responsible for taking the local security system down, allowing Hodgkens and his team to safely eliminate Armado without jeopardizing his family's safety.