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"General Machette, this is Sergeant Fattouh, I've located the RIG signals for the remaining 143 sector G personnel. They are locked in and tracking to evac. Shuttle fleet confirms capacity, and are standing by. How did an evacuation get authorized? Tiedemann's going against every protocol for this situation. Now it's too late to stop it, and there's just a mad dash to get everyone off! He must feel responsible for what's happening, and is trying to save as many as he can."
—Sergeant Fattouh during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl.[1]

Sergeant Armand Fattouh was a supervisor of Project Telomere stationed at Titan Station.


During the Necromorph outbreak caused by Unitology leaders at Titan Station, Armand Fattouh was one of the numerous EarthGov officers who opposed Hans Tiedemann's evacuation order in detriment of the official protocols. When the creatures finally managed to invade the Government Sector and all the remaining personnel were set to evacuate, Armand refused to leave and even contacted his superior to denounce Tiedemann and every official trying to escape.[1]

Unsurprisingly, Armand's loyalty to EarthGov led to his death as the Necromorphs found their way to the Communications Room and killed him by slitting his throat. Isaac Clarke found his corpse while being chased by the Ubermorph and used it to bypass a security door.