The Armory is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3 and the site of the Armory optional mission.

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Events of Dead Space 3Edit

The Armory is available in Chapter 11 after defeating The Snow Beast for the second time in the Staging Yard. Isaac Clarke notices a large amount of flares that were left behind at the entrance by Jacob Danik'sCircle in an attempt to secure the weapons stored there. The player has the option to investigate the Armory to claim the weapons before Danik's soldiers do.

While exploring the Armory, Isaac will find a locked door, forcing the player to search for the key to get the munitions. Further exploration of the Armory and Isaac will find a small group of Danik's men searching for the key. Revealing Isaac's position to them will have them open fire, causing Feeders to attack both parties. After finding the key in the lower level of the same room, Isaac backtracks to the locked door and more of Danik's men are waiting for him beyond it. In a SK-1P station deeper in the Armory, Isaac will find a storage container guarded by two more of Danik's soldiers. After dealing with them and the Feeders that come soon after, Isaac opens and loots the container, completing the mission. The player then continues the story from the point they left off.

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Staging Yard Edit

You will be able to get this optional mission during Chapter 11 after defeating the snow beast for the second time in the Staging Yard. After a short chat with your crew on completion of the fight, the optional mission will appear in your log. Head over to the other side of the Staging Yard to locate the door with all the flares in front of it. Go on inside.

Look behind the counter to the right as you enter for a Unitologist Artifact [Artifact 1/2]. Loot the remainder of the room and then take the elevator at the down an underground storage area. There is another SK-1P here similar to the one we used up in space to move between the various zones except there is nowhere for us to travel to at this time. Use the Bench and Suit Kiosk in this room if you require and then take the other lift down to the optional mission area.

Armory Edit

As you exit the lift, there is a Bench to the right. If you have no use for that, continue through the open door in front.  Move to the centre of the bridge here. On either side are cranks we can use to open gates behind them. Whilst both contain crates we can destroy, the gate on the right also has an upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/2] hidden inside.  Continue through the door on the far side of the bridge.

Kill the two Feeders on the right as quickly as possible to prevent them from summoning friends. By doing this though, you will also cause four Slashers to appear and attack. Fend them off.  Once it is clear, look on the shelf in the small passage to the left for a weapon part – Stasis Amplifier [Weapon Part 1/4].  On the other end of the room you will find a locked door that requires a key card, some lockers to loot and a lift. Take the lift down to the next area.

Go through the door at the end of the corridor and as you enter the room look in the small space to the left hidden out of sight behind the lockers for a Blueprint – Contact Beam [Blueprint 1/1]. Continue through the unlocked door.

There is a large group of Feeders in this room, so avoid or kill them depending on how you feel (remember that they cannot see and that you can distract them by throwing things). At the opposite end of the room, you will need to use the panel for a mini-game to hack open the nearby door. Enter and loot the rooms here before proceeding through the unlocked door to the right.

As the door opens you will see a Slasher on the bridge in front. Kill this and two more will climb up over the railings on either side of the bridge. Eliminate them before continuing through the door opposite the entry. Head around to the next door and attempt to open it.

This will cause a lockdown. Stay in the corner here and kill the necromorphs that jump into the room to attack you. There will be 4 Feeders, 2 Slashers and a Puker. They will not come all at once, so as long as you don't take long to kill each of them successively, you shouldn't ever see more than two living necromorphs on the screen at once. After the lockdown is lifted, continue through the door.

Continue across the bridge and into the next room. Here you will find an upgrade circuit [Circuit 2/2] and an audio log [Log 1/2] on the table in the centre of the room.  You'll notice another locked room requiring a key card here. We can't use that yet, so use the nearby lift.

Upon exiting, you will hear some Unitology commandos talking below and as soon as they see you they will start shooting. Unfortunately for us, the shooting alerts a pack of 8-10 feeders who will pour through the vents on the upper level where you are and attack. Go back to the elevator and hold the feeders off here to stay out of shooting range of the commandos.  Once the feeders have stopped coming, take cover behind the sheet metal on the catwalk and pick all of the Unitologists below off.

When the room is clear, follow the catwalk around until you reach a lift and take that down to the lower level.  Look on the opposite side of the stack of boxes closest to the elevator for a weapon part – Plasma core [Weapon Part 2/4]. Down the stairs nearby you will find an audio log [Log 2/2] and the Armory Key. Picking this up will have the effect of summoning 6 slashers to appear, so knock them all off on your way back to the lift and ride it back to the upper level. Take the elevator at the far end of the walkway back up to the previous area.

Kill the Slasher in here and use the Armory Key to unlock the door.  As you enter, you will find that there are three stalkers in here. Kill them all. There is a Unitologist Artifact [Artefact 2/2] behind some crates at the far end of the area (note there is also an upgrade circuit in the small alcove opposite the entrance to the room on new game +). Approach the glowing panel for a mini-game to unlock the next door.

We’re back in familiar territory. This time we want to head through the door directly opposite. Open this to have another lockdown occur. This time you are looking at having to kill 5 Slashers and a pair of Pukers before the lockdown is lifted.  Continue through the door and ride the elevator at the end of the passageway.

Once you leave the elevator, turn left and use the Armory Key on the panel here to unlock the door. Enter the door and kill the two Unitology commandos waiting for you. Proceed across the bridge and through the door opposite. Follow the room past the ice boxes on the left (note there is an upgrade circuit just to the right inside the door on new game +), loot the lockers if you feel like it and continue into the elevator.

After getting off the elevator, you will be confronted by a pair of Unitology Soldiers and by initiating a fight with them, a group of 10-12 Feeders will also decide to join the party.  Once the room is clear, head over and loot the chest here for two weapon parts – Acid Bath [Weapon Part 3/4] and Stasis Support [Weapon Part 4/4], some reagents and two spare parts boxes (Note on new game + there is another weapon part – MK-II Directed Ejection Field sitting on a crate to the right of the chest).

Once you are finished with all of your looting, take the other elevator up to the area above and go out the door directly in front to complete the optional mission. 

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