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The Artifact Storage was a storage section located in the S.C.A.F modified area of the Alien Machine.

It was used as temporary storage for artifacts such as the calcified skeletons of the alien remains, some items and most importantly, the infected Deep Dig Team personnel.


Alien Crypts[]

You'll come across this optional mission around halfway through chapter 17 after reaching the Alien Crypts. After killing the first Alien necromorph here, the suit locator wants you to head up the ramp to the right. Look opposite the base of the ramp to a small alleyway. Hack the console here to unlock the door and ride the lift down to an underground storage area.

This room features a bench and a suit kiosk that you can use to upgrade your equipment if necessary. Go down the short set of stairs here and look to the right to see an audio log [Log 1/4] on a table here. Find the unlocked door nearby, on the steps leading to this you will find a text log [Log 2/4]. When you are ready to continue, go on through the unlocked door.

Artifact Storage[]

You'll now be in a zero gravity room.  Take flight and proceed downwards to the next bridge below. From here you will be able to spot two Medusas below. Kill them both using the bridge as cover to pop off their tentacles.

When they are dead, fly down to the next walkway. Here you will find a text log [Log 3/4] floating above it.  Fly down to the lowest bridge and look in the small opening on the wall to find a weapon part – Stasis Coating [Weapon Part 1/1]. Return to the bridge and proceed through the unlocked door.

Continue through the hallway here, looting the lockers if you like and enter the next door to find yourself in zero gravity again.

As you enter, look in the alcove across the gap to the left for a locker containing an upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/6]. Fly down to the next bridge below, avoiding the orange laser traps as you go. When you land on the platform you'll find another text log [Log 4/4] floating at the end. Grab that and continue through the next door.

Play the video message here if you like it will give you the translation for the word 'warrior'. As of yet, I still do not know the relevance of this other than as a point of interest.

Continue through the next door and make your way down this tunnel. After a short distance you will be attacked by a group of 4-5 Enhanced Leapers. Open the door at the end of the passage and immediately throw stasis at the alien necromorph standing on the other side. Keep him in stasis until you can take him out.  

Go through the next door and repeat the process with the Alien Necromorph in here as well, but try not to go too far into the room. If you do another group of 3 Enhanced Leapers will spawn and we don't want to have to take them AND an alien down at the same time! Once the alien is dead, mop up any crawlers in the area and by this time, the 3 ‘super’ leapers I mentioned previously will have come to greet you. Wipe them out and proceed through the door on the left at the end of the corridor (note there is a resource cache for your scavenger bot here too!).

Play the video message here if you like it will give you the translation for the word 'Final'.

Upon exiting the next door you will be back in zero gravity again. Fly up to the top of the room, avoiding the laser traps as you fly up and land on the bridge here. You will have noticed that there are ‘super’ lurkers in this room. There are 6 of them in fact and by flying to the top of the room, if you are lucky, a couple will have been dealt with by the traps. At the top they will show up 1-2 at a time, so defeat them all.

When no more show up, kinesis one of the Lurker bodies through the trap focused on the mini-game terminal at the top bridge here. Use the terminal to hack open the nearby door. Inside you will find a bench and on the floor to the left of it an upgrade circuit [Circuit 2/6]. Continue through the next unlocked door.

You'll find yourself in a familiar looking area, but this one is slightly different. There are several regenerators in containers here. Play the video message just near the door here if you like it will give you the translation for the word 'Sacrifice'.

Walk down the stairs and open the chest in front. Here you'll be able to loot 3 upgrade circuits [Circuit 3/6, Circuit 4/6 and Circuit 5/6]. After looting the chest, do a 180 degree turn and grab the Artefact Manifest from the desk to the left.  There is a resource cache near the door the left of the chest.

When you have what you came for, go down the stairs and through the now unlocked door. Enter the next room and a Hunter will appear. Remove his legs and stick him in stasis. Continue up the stairs nearby and kill the 3 Enhanced Leapers that appear. Be sure to reapply stasis to the Hunter when it starts to wear off. Once the leapers are dead, another Hunter will show up.

When you have both Hunters in stasis, run up the stairs and climb down the ladder you find here. In this small pit is a locker on the wall containing an upgrade circuit [Circuit 6/6].  Return up the ladder and put both Hunters back in stasis once more. Use the mini-game to hack the door open. Run through when you can.

We are back in zero gravity! Fly to the very top of the room and land on the bridge here. Go through the unlocked door.

As you exit, 3 Hunters will run at you. Put all three  of them into stasis and run past them, up the nearby stairs and into the unlocked lift. Ride it back to the alien ruins to complete the mission.


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  • There are two inaccessible rooms called "raised hall" and "munitions control" with translator machines used to open the doors in the Alien City, which translates the aliens' speech to "warrior" and "final". A third translater is located in the hall with the captive Regenerators that translates to "sacrifice".
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