Aspera was a small, mostly uninhabitable world that served as a vital location in the novel Dead Space: Catalyst.


Aspera was initially selected as the location for a penal colony for political prisoners. This was due to its extremely remote location and low level of natural resources, meaning that there would be little if any interest in exploring the world.

Eighty years after the Black Marker was exhumed from the Earth in 2294, Aspera was chosen as the site of one of  the three new military installations to be used to investigate and recreate the Black Marker. The research facility was set up near the penal colony so the prisoners could be used as test subjects.

Not more than a decade after the installation was created, Istvan Sato was transferred there after killing an EarthGov politician, Tim Fischer. Not too long afterwards, the Red Marker activated and the destruction of the penal colony and the research station was imminent.

The penal colony was overrun by the Necromorphs, with only Henry Wandrei surviving by locking himself in a control room. He was eventually "rescued" by Jensi Sato, Istvan's brother. They made their way to the research station which while infested with Necromorphs as well also had a number of scientists and researchers who are still alive. There, Jensi and Henry along with Dr. Callie Dexter confronted him. 

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