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"Could you be any more crazy?! Hell no, we are not Necromorphs!"
—John Carver

Requiem is the first chapter in the Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC. The chapter revisits Tau Volantis.


"Isaac Clarke and John Carver wake to discover they have somehow survived their ordeal with the Necromorph moon. But the threat is far from over as visions of a network of moons invade their thoughts. As their minds erode, they make plans to escape Tau Volantis and head for home."
—Ingame Description

Isaac Clarke and John Carver wake in a cave on Tau Volantis baffled by their survival. Realizing they have successfully killed the moon, Carver and Isaac attempt to find functional transport to get off the planet.


After the battle with the moon above Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke and Sergeant John Carver wake up in an underground cave, shocked to find out that they have somehow survived their fall from the sky. They also learn that they have successfully killed the Brethren Moon, but are also intrigued over their own survival, with Isaac even theorizing that both he and Carver are dead and were brought back to life as Necromorphs.

At one point during their trip, both Isaac and Carver receive painful hallucinations of the Brethren Moons, awakened, and are coming for Earth. Reaching a research outpost, Isaac and his partner are shocked to see the members of the now-leaderless Circle trembling in fear of the events that transpired, with some even ending their own lives out of terror.

Through one of the logs left behind, a working dropship is discovered to have landed on a nearby roof, which the duo commandeers after fighting off many psychological assaults set onto them by the newly-awakened Moons. They then attempt to return to Earthspace via the orbiting CMS Terra Nova.


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