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"Take our hands that we may feed you, take our eyes that we may see you, take our minds that we may serve you; we will live forever..."
—Cult Mantra

Infidels is the second chapter in the Dead Space 3: Awakened DLC. The chapter revisits the Sovereign Colonies ship, the CMS Terra Nova.


"The madness deepens as Isaac and Carver explore the C.M.S. Terra Nova for a Shockpoint Drive that could allow the aging ship to reach Earth. But new evidence comes to light leading Isaac to believe that returning home will give away Earth's position to the moon network."
—Ingame Description

Aboard the Terra NovaIsaac and Carver search for a functional ShockDrive in order to get the derelict ship functional to pilot back to Earth. However, they are met with resistance by the newly formed Unitologist Cult and its mysterious "prophet".


Once aboard the Terra Nova, Isaac and Carver must find a way to restore power to the derelict ship and find a new Shockpoint Drive in order to return to Earth. However, within the halls of the old Sovereign Colonies ship, they encounter the remnants of The Circle who've taken refuge inside and begun a new following in the name of the Necromorphs. After dealing with members of the Circle, as well as their own insanity, Isaac and Carver find a new ShockPoint Drive, but Isaac is now losing his mind. He protests installing the ShockPoint Drive into the ship, because he thinks that if they install it, the Brethren Moons will follow them to Earth, and kill everyone living there. After Isaac and Carver have a hallucination of fighting each other, the hallucination is interrupted by another hallucination, in which the Brethren Moons reveal that they were only slowing Isaac and Carver down, and that they have known where Earth was all along.


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