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Characters: Unknown Author
Chapter: 12
Can be found: Backstory Log Reward for Completing Game
To: Zach Hammond


Re: Background request

Per your request, here's what we could find on your hastily- assembled crew.


Isaac was born to Poul and Octavia Clarke on Earth in the eastern seaboard region of the American Republic. Poul Clarke was an award-winning ship architect employed by the Galactic Union Marine Corp. His record show extended time off-world away from his family.

When Isaac was born, Poul was given a temporary reassignment to an Earth-based GUMMC ship production facility. During the four-year tour, Poul and Octavia raised Isaac together. When the tour was over, Poul shipped off for an extended off-world tour.

Poul's influence on his son must have rubbed off. Records indicate Isaac pursued studies in mechanical and electrical engineering and achieved high honors.

According to medical and psychiatric reports, Poul Clarke's absence had a profound effect on Octavia. She suffered from depression and personal anguish until doctors encouraged her to find fulfillment by working with charitable organizations. It is believed that this is how she ended up coming in contact with the Church of Unitology.

Her association with the Church appears to have alleviated her mental condition. The cancellation of her therapy sessions corresponds with the local parish announcements of her initiation ceremony.

At this point, records on her become somewhat scarce. There are indications that she sold off much of the family estate to finance her full membership in the church.

Isaac appears to have been selected to a prominent engineering school but we surmise that he was unable to afford the tuition, as records show that he instead attended a lesser-known school with the help of scholarships and financial assistance.

After graduating with high honors, Isaac enlisted in the Merchant Marines. He quickly gained a reputation for his resourceful engineering solutions and after two years was promoted to a higher-profile position closer to the major shipping lanes.

There are several inquiries about the location of his father that have been logged by his contacts at the GUMMC. Isaac appears to have been trying to re-unite with him unsuccessfully for years. It's doubtful he ever got far in his investigation as Poul Clarke's service record has been mysteriously classified by an executive order.

Octavia continues to be a contributing member of her church and has managed to purchase a Vested-level title.

Isaac's career stagnates at this point. There are records that he cohabited with a medical officer named Nicole Brennan for a couple of years. Records indicate she moved out after receiving a promotion and is currently serving on the USG Ishimura.


I couldn't find anything on her in the time I had but Darlton swears by her. She is on the mission with his recommendation. If he thinks she has the necessary skills, who am I to argue?