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"Good job. Now get the loader's arms in position. One of you TK it, the other two rivet the joints."

Banks was an engineer member of the Extraction Dig Team on Aegis VII.


Banks was one of the responsibles for the extraction of the Marker 3A, chefied by Cooper. She assisted Sam Caldwell, Egan and Sterling into preparing a loader to remove the Marker from its pedestal. When the Marker was removed, it activated and the shock wave destabilized the Gravity Tether 16. Cooper then sent Sam and his two coleagues to fix it in the Megavent 24, while Banks remained to take the artifact indoors along with Bear.

It's unknown what happened to Banks afterwards, she may have been one of the miners killed by Sam. Even if she survived Sam's murderous rampage she probably turned insane due to her proximity with the active Red Marker, much like Pete Fancher and Jennifer Barrow.