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"Shit! Whatever it was, it blew out Gravity Tether 16! Caldwell, Sterling, Egan - get over there and stabilize it before we have a miniature black hole on our hands! Me, Banks, and Bear will get the Marker inside."

Bear was an engineer member of the Extraction Dig Team on Aegis VII.


Bear was one of the CEC personnel sent to extract Marker 3A in an operation headed by Cooper. When the Marker was removed from its pedestal, it released a shock wave that destabilized Gravity Tether 16. Cooper then sent Sam Caldwell, Egan and Sterling to fix it in Megavent 24. Bear remained along with Banks to take the Marker indoors.

It is unknown what happened to Bear afterwards; he may have turned insane due to his continued proximity with the active Red Marker, much like Pete Fancher and Jennifer Barrow.