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Ben Templesmith is a comic artist best known for his work in the American comic book industry, most notably the Image Comics series Fell, with writer Warren Ellis, and IDW's 30 Days of Night with writer Steve Niles, which was adapted into a motion picture of the same name. He has also created book covers, movie posters, trading cards, and concept work for film and animations.

Career in the Dead Space Series[]

In 2008, Antony Johnston brought Templesmith in to act as the illustatior of the Dead Space comic series, finding his visual style to be fitting for the series. The overseeing team did not try to keep the presentation uniform across all media, and while Templesmith was given design guidelines, he was otherwise allowed to draw the comic as he liked.

As with 30 Days of Night, he used color coding for different scenes and moods; the Aegis VII surface used blue-grey, while the colony interior used warmer shades. Its dark tone partially arose from his horror roots, as more traditional comic artwork—using high lighting and color—would lessen that aspect. He visited the development team to view their Necromorph designs, choosing ones he liked to incorporate into the narrative.

Sometime later in 2009, he returned to again illustrate the comic adaptation of Dead Space: Extraction.