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"You don't understand... None of you understand... The truth... at last."
—Benedykt Malyech [1]

Benedykt Malyech was a Magpie and a fervent Unitologist.[2]


Benedykt Malyech was employed as a supervisor in the Concordance Extraction Corporation until his termination for leaking secrets. Out of a job and presumably blacklisted by the CEC, Malyech eventually joined the Magpies, a loose affiliation of freelance miners.

Magpie career[]

Malyech came to command the Black Beak with Julia Copland as his second-in-command. In late 2508 or early 2509, Malyech and Copland took the Black Beak into the Aegis System, unofficially under the leadership of Jessica Li of the Hunter's Moon.

While attempting to illegally mine ore in the Aegis System, the Magpies accidentally shocked the USG Ishimura to their location, destroying one of their ships and their Nest, their storage vessel. While Li led a team over to the Planet Cracker-class vessel, Malyech investigated strange crystal fragments on the ship's hull. He experienced another hallucination of being stalked by a Necromorph among the corridors of the Ishimura.

Alarmed that they lost contact, his men pulled him back aboard. Malyech explained to everyone that the fragments are actually pieces of a Marker and they belonged to the Church of Unitology. When Li proposed selling the fragments, Malyech assaulted her for blasphemy, forcing her to knock him out. He was tied up and left in the Bridge of the Ishimura. While in the brig, he was visited by a hallucination of Captain Bellevin,  the commander of the destroyed Liberte and the hallucination informed him that he needed to be "made whole." He was consumed by the Necromorph bio-mass coating the walls of the cell. His Necromorph form would subsequently escape the room and ambush and kill Li by impaling her on one of his arms.



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