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This is Benson, tram engineering. We think we've figured it out. Smith killed one! Listen, forget about shooting them in the body, you gotta cut off the limbs. Grab a cutter anything like that. Cut them apart![1]

Benson was a member of Tram Engineering aboard the USG Ishimura. Similar to Jacob Temple, a fellow engineer, the player never encountered Benson in person, but could find several audio Logs that are left by him.


Second Aegis VII Incident[]

During the Necromorph outbreak in the Ishimura, the Tram Car B was damaged and jammed the whole system. At first, Benson and his team attempted to fix the situation by removing it from the tracks, and even managed to bring the Car B to the repair depot, but the auto-loader was fried. Benson solicited a Stasis Module in a log.[2] It seems that a team was going to answer his request and deliver him a Stasis Module, as it is found along with some dead bodies in the path for the repair depot.

Eventually, Benson's team was attacked by the Necromorphs and he was forced to abandon his mission. His early logs indicated that he was with a small pack of survivors who are slowly killed off by the Necromorphs. He left a log detailing the discovery of the Necromorphs' weakness to dismemberment,[3] followed by another log warning about their movement through the ventilation system.[4] It is unknown what became of Benson, but given the obvious fates of the rest of the crew, it was likely that he perished and may even have been transformed into a Necromorph.

Possible death[]



As the Tram was still in operation at the end of Dead Space: Extraction, it is possible that Benson was still alive when the USG Kellion arrived. Althrough this is never confirmed, it is quite possible that Benson is the engineer killed by a Slasher shortly after Isaac obtains the Plasma Cutter. The log Vent Warning, which apparently was the final log left by Benson, is found near him. Also, their voices sound similar.

It is also quite possible that Smith, a crew member mentioned in one of his logs, is the dead body near the Plasma Cutter. Benson mentions that Smith managed to kill a Necromorph using a cutting tool.


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