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This is Benson, tram engineering. We think we've figured it out. Smith killed one! Listen, forget about shooting them in the body, you gotta cut off the limbs. Grab a cutter anything like that. Cut them apart![1]

Benson was a member of Tram Engineering aboard the USG Ishimura. Similar to Jacob Temple, a fellow engineer, the player never encountered Benson in person, but could find several audio Logs that are left by him, mainly detailing the discovery of the Necromorphs' movement through the ventilation system and their weakness to dismemberment. His early logs indicated that he was with a small pack of survivors who are slowly killed off by the Necromorphs. It was unknown what became of Benson, but given the obvious fates of the rest of the crew, it was likely that he perished and may have been transformed into a Necromorph.


  • As the Tram was still in operation at the end of Dead Space, it was possible that Benson was still alive when the USG Kellion arrived.
  • It was also possible that he was the panicked man behind the door in the room where you got the Plasma Cutter.



  1. Shoot the Limbs

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