Dead Space Wiki

Type: Audio
Characters: Kendra Daniels, USG Ishimura's Computer System
Chapter: 8
Can be found: USG Ishimura's Communication's Center

  • Kendra Daniels: What!? Isn't that the escape pod Hammond jettisoned? One of those things was onboard! No! No, this isn't going to happen!

(Sounds of Frantic Typing)

  • Kendra Daniels: USM Valor! Come in Valor! Our signal isn't strong enough. I'm going to open the blast doors to boost the signal.

(Electronic Beep)

  • Female Voice (Computer System): Error: blast door blockage detected. Please contact a repair technician.
  • Kendra Daniels: Shit! Isaac, there's something big on the hull of the ship, directly above the Comms Array. Something organic. I don't know what it is, and I don't care. We have to get the doors open to transmit to the Valor. You should have a clear shot from ADS Cannon 48. Get to the cannon and blow it out into space!