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Biology sector exterior

The laboratory exterior entrance.

The Biology Sector, or the Biological Laboratory, is a section of the Sovereign Colonies' Facility Two on Tau Volantis.

The sector was mainly for research of the extinct alien race as well as the "Rosetta" alien-member with a complete laboratory dedicated for it, but later the complex was utilized in understanding the Necromorphs also.

The sector was connected to the other sections of the facility, such as the Paleontology Sector and the Research Compound Silo.


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Map of the Biology Sector.

Biological Laboratory[]

Central Hall[]

This area connects the different sub-sections of the main building. An elevator access to the upper Rosetta Lab can be found there.

Storage Hall[]

See Marker Containment

The storage hall is a warehouse where the Science Division kept all the found Red Markers.

Rosetta Lab[]

The Rosetta Lab was located on the second floor of the main building, on top of the sphere at Central Hall. The lab was attached to another hall with a decontamination chamber.

The lab housed a control panel, that controlled the lab's machinery, an assembly station used to specifically put together the remains of Rosetta as well as another workstation and a control panel of the Assembly station, used to harness the information within Rosetta and making an artificial Codex.

Neurology Section[]

Neurology Hall[]

A large door leading to the west of the main central hallway next to the Rosetta Lab leads to the neurology section of the building. There is a hallway with a sterilization control room located at the end of it along with a pump room of the corrosive liquid that is used in the sterilization process.

Sterilization Access[]

Just next to the sterilization control room, there is a small corridor leading to an elevator that goes to the pump room of the sterilization system. The pump is located in a tall chamber.

Neurological Laboratory[]

A large room with a view to the mountain top through the roof-top, the laboratory was mainly used for brain scans and other neurological experiments on the aliens as well as some captured Necromorphs. A dead Leaper can be found on the wall with some drawings of it found next to it. The room also has x-rays of the Necromorph on the machine. A piece of rosetta is located here.

The room also had a ventilation system and a second floor above overlooking the laboratory below, however, this area is inaccessible.

Crossover entrance[]

The entrance to the Paleontology and Biological Sector crossover hallway can be found on the second floor of the Neurology Hall after going up an elevator.