Black Markers are the sources of every reverse-engineered Red Markers. Black Markers are thought to arrive on planets filled with life, proving potential for sentient beings to evolve. With the case of the Black Marker found on Earth, it was thought that it arrived in the asteroid that caused the massive extinction event 65 million years ago and also the doom of the dinosaurs.

As it was speculated by Jacob Danik, the leader of the fanatic Unitologist group called the Circle, the Black Marker forced a specific species to evolve into sentient beings. Few examples are the Tau Volantis aliens and humans on Earth. Once the beings are sentient enough, the Marker attempted to influence them into creating Red Markers. In the case of the humans, they began to worship the Markers as a sign of God and began a religion called Unitology which was a belief of that man was created by aliens and in the afterlife, they would reunite during Convergence which was true. However, the truth was more disturbing.

After the time came, the sentient beings became insane from the Marker signal and began to kill each other. At this stage, the Markers began to transform the dead into Necromorphs which increased the dead and the creatures' numbers. Once there are enough of these creatures, they gathered around the Markers or the source Marker that caused the outbreak in an effort to activate a Convergence Event. During this period, the Red Markers began a chain reaction, activating Convergence everywhere that the Red Markers spread, eventually reaching the source Black Marker which began to float into orbit in high winds and gathered the organisms around it, forming a Moon. The Moon was completed when the organisms of the planet that they are in are completely annihilated by being either changed into Necromorphs or are consumed into the Moon or both. After becoming whole, the Moon connected to its brethren and started over the cycle of rebirth by presumably choosing a planet with organisms and launching a Black Marker toward it.

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