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Haegemonia Haegemonia 7 September 2021

Apologies for the Absence!

Hey all! Long time, no blog, eh?

I just wanted to make this blog post to let people know I apologize for my absence over the last few months; there was some rather serious personal matters I had to deal with which only recently have been settled.

Now, I will return to my role as a general caretaker: Watching over the wiki, handling any big wiki decisions, offering assistance when required, and making sure no malicious edits are made. Otherwise, I will be mostly hanging back and letting you guys edit away, though don't hesitate to contact me!

Oh, yeah, how about that remake, huh? Looks like I'm not the only thing making the return after a long absence.

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T-002 T-002 23 September 2020

Dead Space 3 - picture request

Can someone dig in the files and upload a high-res version of this image?

These are two unused enemies from Dead Space 3. If possible, send two separated high-res images, one for each of them. This would be very valuable to the wiki.

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Tephra Tephra 4 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff. Users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Tephra Tephra 11 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Dead Space Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

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Ja219897 Ja219897 3 April 2019

Ubermorph thoughts

Penny for your thoughts

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Ja219897 Ja219897 29 March 2019

What is your favorite Dead space weapons?

Tell me your Favorite dead space weapons

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3lusive-N00b-Snip3r 3lusive-N00b-Snip3r 2 March 2019

Someone's been adding birthdates to character pages without evidence/citations

wrong place to post this, my bad

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Pilot8 Pilot8 14 September 2017

Dead Space Live Action Trailer

This live action was by Machinima its great!!

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Earth's Lady Earth's Lady 6 September 2016

My thoughts about Dead Space stuff

Guys, i can't freely speak English, but i'm gonna try. Turn off your rough words. Fnaf fans, please, leave this page

At first, look at 

  • 1 Isaac Clarke
  • 2 Ellie Langford
  • 3 Pairings
    • 3.1 Isaac/Carver
    • 3.2 Isaac/Necromorphs

Cutest engineer and also cutest game character ever. No, seriously! Just look at his face in DS 2 images, and in third game... well, he became even better. I really love his expression from second game's intro. And his handy abilities make me smile: Isaac removed Stasis and Kinesis modules from ordinary hospital's devices. And you know, I wanna cry every time, when accidentally letting him to die. It feels like i cut his head out of whole body. 

When i saw her in the first time, i disliked her. But later...

Guys, honestly i love kissing Is…

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Skullboy88 Skullboy88 28 March 2015

Best Dead Space 3 Weapon?

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