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Bloody Vintage Suit
Bloody RIG
Production History

Protection Rating

15% damage resistance


  • 15 inventory slots
  • 5% damage to Flamethrower, Javelin Gun and the Force Gun

The Bloody Vintage Suit is a suit included in the Martial Law DLC; the other suit being the EarthGov Security Suit for Dead Space 2.


The only difference between this suit and the other Vintage Suits are its color scheme and the fact that it is splattered with blood.


Being a DLC suit, it costs 0 Credits and is available in any Store. The suit provides 15% damage protection and 15 inventory slots, as well as a 5% damage bonus to the Flamethrower, Javelin Gun and the Force Gun (which have their own bloody color scheme).


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Dead Space 2 - Bloody Vintage Suit

Dead Space 2 - Bloody Vintage Suit

Isaac putting on the Bloody Vintage Suit

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