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Isaac suffering from harsh cold temperatures on Tau Volantis

The Body Temperature Meter is a heads-up display system, similar to the Oxygen Meter, that sits on the back of the user's RIG. In the beginning of Chapter 8: Off The Grid, Isaac and Carver wake up from a very troublesome decent into Tau Volantis, with them suffering from extreme hypothermia. Fortunately, they are able to warm up with nearby fires. If Isaac or Carver stays away from a heat source for too long, their body temperatures will begin to drop. The longest Isaac and Carver can stay alive for without any heat is 4 minutes, before they will collapse and die. Isaac and Carver will have to deal with this until the beginning of Chapter 9, where they will be required to obtain a new suit to survive the cold.


  • Strangely enough, even Carver's suit was unable to properly seal itself, exposing him to the cold temperatures of Tau Volantis, even though it was visually in the same condition as in the chapter before the crash landing.
  • Even if Isaac or Carver had the Arctic Survival Suit before crashing onto Tau Volantis, they would still go through hypothermia. This was most likely for gameplay purposes.
  • The RIG displayed temperatures in Celsius scale. It was unknown if it could display it in Fahrenheit as well, considering that a vast majority of S.C.A.F. personnel and space fearing citizens are most likely from the North American sector.
    • It was also possible that the standard scale of temperature inter-globally and galactically around EarthGov Space was Celsius in the 26th century which was the lack of Fahrenheits.
  • The Sovereign Colonies set up safety measures to avoid personnel from wondering into the cold without proper protection. Automated door mechanisms in certain structures would detect if the incoming person was wearing a cold suit or not and lock down until that person acquired a proper suit with insulation against the cold.