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The Bone Cutter is introduced in Dead Space: Aftermath. It functions similarly to the Plasma Saw in Dead Space: Downfall, but is smaller in comparison. It's used in medical purposes such as cutting bone or precisely cutting limbs for inspection. It is used by Kuttner to rescue Cho from a Slasher.

It has enough power to cut off a Slasher's limbs and stab through a Brute's face.

The power source of this weapon is unknown, however, it's theorized that it uses a similar power source as the Plasma Saw.


  • When Borges is asked what he was doing when Kuttner, Cho, Stross, and the Captain arrived, he states that he was making Flamethrowers and Incendiary Grenades. He also shows several Plasma Cutters he found, which have the same appearance as Bone Cutters.
  • The Plasma Saw from Dead Space: Downfall requires force to cut through a Necromorph's limb or body. However, the Bone Cutter is demonstrated to immediately cut through a Slasher and through a Brute, showing that it holds more power than a rock-cutting Plasma Saw. This may due to the nature of each device as the plasma saw was a tool designed specifically to cut through rock whereas the bone cutter was designed to cut through human tissue.
  • When wielded offensively, the device bears an uncanny resemblance to a brass knuckle.