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Wait, I know you. You’re Harris, the prisoner from the colony. You killed that nurse![1]

Brant Harris was a miner who worked at the colony of Aegis VII.


Brant Harris was one of the many miners suffering from insomnia and other similar symptoms and went to the colony's doctor for treatment. However, the treatment had no effect on Harris and his condition only worsened as he began to experience vivid hallucinations.

Blaming the doctor for the cause of his suffering, Harris took the doctor hostage, but was ultimately subdued by Abraham Neumann and Vera Cortez. However, in the struggle, Harris accidentally struck the doctor's nurse, Katie with a line cutter and sliced her in half. Harris was arrested and subsequently sent to the Ishimura which was a decision that ultimately saved his life from the Necromorph invasion on Aegis VII, making him one of the colony's few survivors.

Upon arriving on the Ishimura, Harris was put under extensive watch by the Ishimura's doctors, most notably Dr. Terrence Kyne. Kyne's interest in Harris was mainly due to his unusual mentality. Kyne noted that Harris felt sympathy for killing a nurse, but admitted that he did not regret it or display any emotions of regret. Dr. Challus Mercer may or may not have come into contact with Harris as he stated in an audio log that he wanted to study and learn more about the Necromorphs and thought that the "patient from the colony" might help referring most likely to him. Harris at times would have to be suppressed with an abnormal amount of sedatives that a normal human would not take due in part to his recurring hallucinations and haunting images that made him incredibly violent.

Nicole Brennan was known to have examined Harris at one point on the ship. She later made her report to Terrence Kyne, noting that he did not show signs that he would ever get any better and that keeping him in captivity would be a good idea.

A woman named Eileen Fisk later recorded an audio log when she woke up inside of a room in the Ishimura alone. As she begins frantically calling out for help she hears someone approaching and sees Harris, who she recognizes as having killed the nurse in the colony. She then begins to scream out as the audio log cuts out.


  • Harris is mentioned in an audio log of a woman who is lost during the Necromorph invasion of the Ishimura. She briefly sees Harris before realizing who he is and cries out for help. What happened between them is currently unknown, though it would appear that he was not infected, due to her ability to recognize him and her initial lack of fear until she realized who he was. On the other hand, it is also possible that woman simply saw Harris as a hallucination.[1] Harris is also mentioned in a text log.
  • It was noted in the text log by a doctor that Harris said the words "Make it whole again", having no idea what he means.
  • It is possible that Brant is The Hunter. In the audio logs found in its debut chapter, Dr. Mercer decides to use a patient from the colony as a guinea pig for his experiments with the Necromorphs. The patient is never referred to by name in any dialogue or text, and the voice heard in audio logs does not match Brant's voice from the motion comics featured in Dead Space: Extraction, leaving Brant's identity as the Hunter as speculative.




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