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"You can kill the prophet, but you can't kill the god! Your chance to warn the Earth has come and gone. We are coming. We are hungry. We are here."
—The Brethren Moons to Isaac Clarke and John Carver.[1]

The Brethren Moons as seen in one of Isaac's hallucinations.

The Brethren Moons, sometimes referred to as Brother Moons, Blood Moons or Necromoons, are gigantic, highly intelligent, space-faring Necromorphs and the source of the Marker signal. They are the result of a Convergence Event and are believed to be the final stage of the Marker and Necromorph life cycle. Due to their agenda, the Brethren Moons are the central antagonists of the entire Dead Space franchise.


Source and Convergence[]

"Even now, we see them. Glowing bright, drawing us near. Soon, we will be there. Soon, we will unite. All worlds will be consumed and become one. We will all be made whole."
—The Brethren Moons about the Markers and their intentions.[1]
Bloodymoon art

Overview of a Brethren Moon, showing its massive outer head.

The Brethren Moons, also known as Blood Moons,[2] are a species of moon-sized necrotic lifeforms that have spread throughout the universe with but a single goal in mind: to consume all organic life. This blood-mad crusade against biological life has gone on for countless centuries, leaving entire star systems completely devoid of even the most basic microbial life. Though the goal of the Moons and the Markers is ultimately that of reproduction, they appear to regard their existence and goal as divine and inevitable[3] and their status as that of a "God", referring to the eradication of a species as their "ascension".[1] Additionally, they display a seemingly religious reverence for death.[4]

The Moons reproduce by producing Black Markers within themselves, which they then eject and allow to travel through space at sub-light speeds before impacting a suitable host world.[5] In the case of Earth, the Black Marker was carried inside of an asteroid that struck the Yucatán Peninsula around 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs. It is believed by Unitologists and individuals affected by Marker Dementia that the Markers themselves are responsible for encouraging the evolution of sentient species through an altered version of their signal,[6] with the ultimate goal of creating a species intelligent enough to build Red Markers.[7]

T Env Prop Sgn Glo Adv Paradise 01 E PACKED 0

A Unitology poster on the USG Ishimura alluding to the Church's idea of Heaven; in reality, the Brethren Moons.

After a host world has been reached, the Black Marker will fall dormant for a time, "awakening" only once the dominant lifeform of the host planet has achieved a certain level of technological advancement.[8] The Marker then broadcasts an electromagnetic signal that severely affects intelligent beings, manifesting as homicidal or suicidal tendencies in those of a more simple mindset, or as a compulsion to replicate the Markers through artificial means in intellectuals.

The Marker signal appears, at first, to be a seemingly limitless source of electromagnetic energy, which drives intelligent species to create Red Markers, copies that are then inevitably distributed throughout their territory.[9] However, the signal has another function which remains dormant for a brief period after its discovery: it can alter the necrotic tissue of dead organisms at the molecular level, causing corpses to reanimate and become Necromorphs; relentlessly hostile bio-recombinant creatures which then spread like a pandemic. Ideally, due to the presence of Markers in nearly every major population center, containing these outbreaks becomes nearly impossible.

Tau volantis moon crashed

A view of a newly-created Moon.

After the Necromorph infestation has claimed a sufficient amount of biomass around a Marker, the Marker may initiate a Convergence Event, the "birth" of a Brethren Moon. This event can be triggered by a Black Marker or by the Red Marker copies, although the latter require their "makers" to be killed and absorbed in order to fulfill Convergence.[3][10] Once a Convergence Event begins, all Necromorphs and any other dead tissue within the Marker's area of influence are flung into the stratosphere, where they begin to form into the biological core of a new Moon. The Moon later absorbs fragments of its host world to form a protective shell of rock around its vulnerable center.[11][12]

It is currently unknown what happens to the Moon once it absorbs all life upon its birth world, but it is believed that the newborn Moon will travel to the nearest source of organic life to continue feeding before falling into a state of torpor: asleep, but at the same time alert for any sign of potential prey.

Dr. Earl Serrano speculated that all life between the origin of the Brethren Moons and humanity's home system has been extinguished by them, mixing the genetic material of countless species across the universe into their uniform biomass. This proposed an uncommon answer to the Fermi paradox: Humanity never had the opportunity to contact aliens, not because they didn't exist, but because a massive and lethally invasive hyper-predator absorbed most, if not all, of the organic life within our galaxy (and possibly beyond), leaving much of it in a state of "dead space."[13] Serrano also discovered that the Moons are linked to one another through a telepathic network spanning the universe, which they use to communicate as the Markers' influence affects other sentient species, leading them to build more Markers, continuing to expand the network.[14]

Tau Volantis Moon[]

"The misshapen Moon in orbit... that's what controls the Markers. [...] Even half-formed, the Moon's "Marker Signal" speaks to the Markers back home. And it doesn't end there. There is a network of "Brethren" Moons spanning the stars. As each one completes, it connects to this network, making them aware. If this Moon should complete, its brothers will all come - looking for food."
—Dr. Earl Serrano about the Tau Volantis Moon.[14]
Brethren Moons Art design 2-

The Tau Volantis Moon.

Millennia ago on Tau Volantis, Convergence and the creation of a new Brethren Moon were interrupted when the aliens that it attempted to assimilate built a machine that flash-froze their entire planet, halting the event in its tracks. In response, the Moon began using Markers across the galaxy to broadcast a distress signal to any who could comprehend it (such as "Make Us Whole" and "Turn It Off"), hoping to lure new organic beings to Tau Volantis so that they could disable the Machine, complete Convergence and continue the cycle of extinction.

Events of Dead Space (2023)[]

"They're hungry. They're coming. They'll make us whole."
Brant Harris[15]

Dead Space Remake- The Brethren Moons are coming (new dialogue)

During the incident on Aegis VII in 2508, Marker 3A was able to give one of the miners, Brant Harris, knowledge of the Brethren Moons, which he later attempted to explain to Challus Mercer when questioned about the Marker's secrets. Harris claimed that the "voices" from the Marker - which he called "God" - were "hungry to be heard", "like stars are hungry".[16]

Marker 3A was also able to communicate with Isaac Clarke, with one of its hallucinations pleading with the engineer to "Turn it off", referring to the alien machine keeping the Tau Volantis Moon frozen. Some of the Marker's whispers also told Isaac that he needed to hear "their voices", and that "the brethren" were "cold" but would soon "wake".[17]

Events of Dead Space 2[]

"You can't stop what's coming."
—The Marker signal in Isaac Clarke's brain.[18]
Dead Space 2 Screenshot 2023.09.18 - 05.35.23

The "mouth" of a Moon is seen behind the Site 12 Marker's "heart" as Isaac battles its influence.

The Site 12 Marker on Titan Station attempted to create a Brethren Moon by initiating a Convergence Event after much of the station's population had been converted into Necromorphs. However, this process was stopped by the Marker's maker, Isaac Clarke, who seemingly defeated the intelligence guiding the Marker by battling it within his own mind and destroying the artifact. This implies that the creator of a Marker can combat the Moons by actively resisting their influence, at least to some extent.

While fighting his way through Project Telomere's labs on his way to the Marker, Isaac also found logs from one of the scientists, Kinner Phelps, detailing his growing suspicions that humans were merely "puppets of some alien influence" and that their rationalizations for creating Marker copies were nothing but illusions "planted by the forces behind the original Marker, the Black one".[19]

Events of Dead Space 3[]

"Now I know how the holy man must feel when he is called by God. The intense rush of infinity, the pure exhilaration of it is almost too much! It's like a chorus of thousands! My friends, shipmates... everyone who has been called up to God speaks to me now! They want me to know everything. They NEED me to know everything! What secrets will they share? I go now - a vessel waiting to be filled. Share with me the secrets of the Universe!"
—Log recovered by Isaac of a SCAF scientist affected by the Tau Volantis Moon.[20]
DS3 Moon Free

The Tau Volantis Moon is set free.

During the events on Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke came to learn that the source of the signal emanated by the Markers was the incomplete Moon orbiting the planet. He realized that if the Moon was freed, any location within humanity's territory with an active Marker would instantly become a target for assimilation. Should the Moon complete Convergence, it would make the other Moons aware and together they would home in on the location of every major source of human life in the galaxy.

Isaac and Carver also learned that the Alien Machine was in fact designed to destroy the Tau Volantis Moon by crashing it into the planet itself, but this function was never properly configured due to the extinction of the species that created it. While the Moon was set free by the Unitologist leader Jacob Danik, Isaac and Carver raced to the Machine to stop the Moon for good. Together, they managed to reconfigure the Machine, killing the Tau Volantis Moon and seemingly causing the Marker signal to stop temporarily. Unfortunately, though incomplete, this Moon had managed to absorb enough biomass to contact the rest of its brethren.

Events of Dead Space 3: Awakened[]

"We are all awake now. Awake and hungry. But where is it? Take us home, Isaac. Make us whole."
—The Brethren Moons speaking to Isaac Clarke through the Cult Leader.[1]
The Brethren Moons as shown in Issac and Carver hallucinations

The Brethren Moons as shown in Isaac's mind.

Following the destruction of the Tau Volantis Moon and their subsequent fall onto the planet below, Isaac Clarke and John Carver reawakened in a frozen crevice. Upon reaching the surface, the two men noticed the fallen Moon out on the horizon of Tau Volantis. Isaac believed that after the Moon's destruction, the Marker signal would cease completely and there would not be any more Necromorphs; however, he soon suffered from a brief vision from the other Moons and realized that the Necromorphs were still active.

The remaining Unitologist soldiers on Tau Volantis had started to lose faith when the Moon was destroyed, believing that there would be no Convergence or rebirth, only death. However, they soon heard a "Voice" from the awakened Brethren Moons, saying: "We are coming. Make ready the way."[21] The surviving Unitologists' faith was quickly renewed, with some choosing to commit suicide immediately in order to meet the "Voice", while most left the planet to make ready the way as the "Voice" commanded.[22]

DS3 Awakened Cult Leader Brethren Moons

The Cult Leader standing atop a shrine to the Moons in one of Isaac's visions.

As his faith in Unitology was reaffirmed, a particular fanatic claiming to speak for the "Voice" began to gather all of the remaining Circle members into orbit, inducting them into his new cult of mutilation and sacrifice in honor of the Moons.[23] Only a few Unitologists resisted, either mentally broken by the Moons' signal and repeatedly chanting the mantra, "They are hungry. They are coming", or outright attempting to resist and escape from their insane, former brethren.[24]

Isaac and Carver reached the CMS Terra Nova and were subjected to painful visions of the Brethren Moons. Isaac, suspecting that they were being manipulated into taking the ship back to Earth so the Moons could follow them there, decided to destroy the ShockPoint Drive and trap them at Tau Volantis forever. Carver, who was determined to recover the drive and return to Earth to warn the rest of humanity instead, threatened Isaac upon seeing his growing paranoia.

Brethren Moons as shown in hallucinations

The Brethren Moons "speak" to Isaac.

The pair fought the Cult Leader after a tense hallucinatory confrontation and discovered upon his defeat that the Moons already knew where Earth was and had turned Carver and Isaac against one another to prevent them from warning Earth in time. Knowing that they had little time to act, Isaac and Carver installed the salvaged ShockPoint Drive on the Terra Nova and overloaded the ancient reactor of the ship to power it up by shocking out just before the ship broke down entirely.

DS3 Awakened Brethren Moons at Earth

The Brethren Moons in the process of consuming Earth.

Arriving at Earth, Isaac and Carver tried to contact the authorities through several channels to relay their warning. Each response was met with static. After several tries, a transmission broke through: the gurgles and snarls of many Necromorphs. The duo were then shocked to see several Brethren Moons rising from the other side of Earth as they scoured the surface of the planet with their tentacles. Another Moon suddenly appeared in front of the Terra Nova, seemingly crashing into it and leaving their fate unclear.



"We are coming. We are hungry. The time of ascension is at hand. Prepare yourselves the way that you may be found."
—The Brethren Moons speaking through the Cult Leader.[1]
Brethren moon overview

A full overview of a Brethren Moon.

The Brethren Moons are colossal Necromorphs, far larger than any other form previously encountered, composed of billions of species of the universe that had undergone death and Convergence Events. The surface of each Moon acts as a protective casing - much in the same vein as the shells worn by certain mollusks - which the Moons can withdraw themselves into when not feeding, making them appear to be little more than rogue planetoids floating in the vacuum of space. Within this protective shell, the body of the creature rests, comprised of numerous tentacles which can reach thousands of miles in length and are fully capable of reaching the surface of a world from orbit without the Moon itself getting caught in a planet's gravity well.

Situated within this mass of tentacles is a vast circular maw that appears to be the creature's "head." This head possesses five colossal yellow eyes, resembling those seen on Nexus Organisms such as the Hive Mind or the Ubermorph, and is capable of ingesting massive quantities of organic matter in a very short amount of time. Another similarity with the Hive Mind is the various branched appendages protruding from behind the creature's large head. Hanging at the entrance of the mouth is an irregular mass of tissue made up of multiple eyes, tentacles, a fang-lined slit and a circular sucking mouth. This smaller head is capable of interacting with smaller objects that are about to be ingested by breaking the raw materials down and engaging any stubborn living prey.


"The Earth draws near. Even now we can feel it. Teeming with life. Teeming with Markers. From each world we devour, a new brother will rise and be made whole. Our network will grow and we will live forever."
—The Brethren Moons about their nature.[1]
Art of Dead Space - Necromorphs (1)

Brethren Moon variations.

The research notes from Dr. Earl Serrano speculated that the Moons are drawn to species that grow and spread throughout the galaxy, targeting advanced civilizations due to the organic compulsion to grow and expand until a point is reached where the resources of a given race can no longer keep up with the growth of its population.[9] He speculated that this was how they discovered the alien race of Tau Volantis, who were once an empire trillions strong.[8] However, the aliens were resourceful and froze their entire planet with the Machine at the cost of their own species.

Serrano's theory is backed up by the limitless energy that the Markers radiate by encouraging any species with a desperate need for resources and energy to focus on building more Markers across their systems. This makes the species less able to enact quarantines effectively.


Dead Space 3 - Brethren Moon Voice Lines (Awakened DLC)

In addition to their faster-than-light capabilities, the Moons are sentient organisms and are able to communicate via a form of telepathic signal across incredible distances. They are also capable of causing hallucinations by using their telepathic abilities to influence the minds of lesser creatures. During the hallucinations where they spoke to Isaac and Carver through their "Prophet", The Cult Leader, they displayed a kind of hive mind mentality by referring to themselves in the plural, implying that each Moon views itself simply as an extension of a greater whole. The Moons appeared to regard themselves as invincible, omnipotent and divine by referring to themselves collectively as a "God." They also seemed to speak rather politely and calmly when dealing with Isaac, which was a strong contrast to their general nature. Additionally, they seemed to lack any form of empathy whatsoever, as they did not appear to be saddened or angered by the destruction of their own kind, nor by the defeat of their Prophet.


  • As in most of the previous games, the first letters of each chapter of Dead Space 3 spell a phrase. This such phrase in Dead Space 3 is "BROTHER MOONS ARE AWAKE", foreshadowing the events of Awakened.
    • Taking the first letters of Awakened's chapters forms "R.I.P.", an acronym for "Rest In Peace", which may indicate that humanity did not survive the Brethren Moons.
  • The Moons are a clear reference to Lovecraftian horror: a monstrous, intelligent and devouring godlike entity that seemingly cannot be stopped by the protagonist alone. The Art of Dead Space confirms this influence, stating that the Moons were designed to feel as if they had just stepped out of the Cthulhu Mythos, calling to mind the Great Old Ones.
    • They especially show striking similarities to Yog-Sothoth, which is an Outer God in the Cthulhu Mythos that appears as 7 glowing spheres and as a mass of writhing tentacles.
    • According to the art book, the Moons' appearance was part-inspired by a squid and part-inspired by a jellyfish. The German artist Ernst Haeckel was also a reference point for the artists.
DS2 Unitology Moon Motif

Various examples of the moon-related imagery in the Titan Station Church of Unitology in Dead Space 2. See full size image for details.

  • According to a 2021 interview with franchise producer and co-writer Chuck Beaver, the Brethren Moons were established as official lore sometime between the release of Dead Space and Dead Space 2. While developing Dead Space 2 and in preparation for the potential third and fourth games, Chuck Beaver wrote a lore bible with Necromorph designer Ben Wanat which included the end goal of the Markers and the Necromorphs.[25]
    • Hints at the Moon network's existence featured prominently in Dead Space 2, mainly in the architecture and artwork that was found in the Church of Unitology on Titan Station. Additionally, the formation of a Necromoon was heavily hinted at during the Convergence Event with the Site 12 Marker, as the bodies of the Necromorphs could be seen being flung into the air above the Marker to become "one body", as well as during the final fight against "Nicole", where a "mouth" resembling that of a Moon (or a Hive Mind) could be seen behind the "heart" of the Marker.
    • Also according to Chuck Beaver, the original story planned by him and Ben Wanat for Dead Space 3, which featured Isaac Clarke alongside a "dark" version of himself and emphasized his dementia, would have eventually culminated in Isaac leading the Brethren Moons to Earth due to being a "herald of the Markers" for having DNA that was compatible with the Marker signal. As described by Beaver, Isaac was "what the Necromorph ecology looks like in its prey species; somebody to help them eat the rest of the inhabited planets". Elements of this original concept were repurposed for the Awakened DLC, with the Moons specifically asking Isaac to lead them to Earth while John Carver did not experience such visions; in fact, according to Beaver, the story of Awakened was much closer to what Dead Space 3 was envisioned to be at the time of Dead Space 2 than the base game's.[25]


Sound Effects[]


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