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Isaac: "What was it, Carver? What did it show you?"
Carver: "What do you mean?"
Isaac: "The Marker. You saw something, didn't you?"
Carver: "I don't know what you're talking about. Let's just.... forget about this and find a way down to the planet. Alright?"
Isaac: "Yeah, okay. Sure."
Isaac Clarke and John Carver upon exiting the CMS Brusilov.
Brusilov marker

The Marker after being abandoned on the CMS Brusilov.

The Brusilov Marker was an ancient Red Marker created by the extinct alien race of Tau Volantis. In the early 24th century, the Red Marker was recovered by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces and brought aboard the CMS Brusilov for study.


"Why did you do it?"
—The voice of Dylan Carver to John Carver after he approached the Brusilov Marker.

At some point between 2311 and 2314, this Red Marker was found on Tau Volantis by the SCAF forces and brought on board the CMS Brusilov to be studied. However, the experiments were halted as Scenario Five was commenced and the Marker was abandoned on the ship with all of the testing equipment left on it, as the life support was disabled and the crew was killed.

DS3 Carver Brusilov Hallucination 3

Isaac tries to snap Carver out of his dementia after encountering the Brusilov Marker.

The Marker remained aboard the derelict for the next 200 years until Isaac Clarke and John Carver decided to investigate the ship. Upon entering the room where the Marker was being held, Carver began to hallucinate a large toy soldier belonging to his son, Dylan, before hearing his dead child's voice speaking to him. Afterwards, Isaac interrogated Carver about what the Marker had made him see, but Carver refused to talk about it.