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The Bullpup Rifle is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. It was the standard issued rifle of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces.


The S.C.A.F.'s Bullpup Rifle was wielded by Legionaries during their expedition on Tau Volantis. The Bullpup Rifle boasts a significantly higher rate of fire and rapid-firing accuracy compared to most other automatic weapons, which gives it an edge when it comes to engaging targets at range. Its mediocre damage is mitigated by its fast-automatic action, which enables it to quickly mow down anything short of an Alien Necromorph in a few shots.

The Bullpup rifle is highly effective when a large volume of fire needs to be concentrated at a particular spot or while engaging human enemies due to the weapon's precision. In skilled hands, it can potentially become a frighteningly devastating piece of armament to wield against both Necromorphs and Circle members.


It originally appeared being used by S.C.A.F. Privates Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman during the game's prologue. One later appeared in use by EarthGov Special Forces Sergeant John Carver. Another can be created by Isaac Clarke at the first Bench he comes across. Several are used throughout the game by members of the Circle, as they try to kill Isaac and Carver.

Technical Specifications[]


The Bullpup is mounted on any heavy frame, like all 2 handed weapons.

Upper Tool"[]

The upper tool of Bullpup Rifle consists of a Military Engine with a Rail Accelerator upper tool tip. This produces an accurate rapid-firing bullpup rifle.

Lower Tool[]

By default, there is no lower tool for the Bullpup Rifle, though Isaac Clarke/John Carver can attach one if the need arises

The Bullpup Rifle has a reliably fast fire rate by default, but has a magazine of 20 and mediocre damage for an automatic weapon. It makes up for this by being accurate at longer range and having a fast rate of fire. These weaknesses can be overcome by upgrading it with damage and clip upgrade chips.


  • Though this weapon cannot be built in Classic mode, it is usable during the Prologue segment of the game, making it the only non-Classic, non-DLC weapon that can be wielded in Classic.
  • According to the RIG, in the Prologue, the weapon is listed as "Heavy Elite Bullpup Rifle".
  • Carver is automatically equipped with the Bullpup Rifle at the beginning of the game, even though the weapon is a 200 year old S.C.A.F. assault rifle and Carver is a soldier of the Earth Defense Force. It is likely that the developers simply re-used the weapon in order to save time and resources, as EarthGov's standard issue SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle does not make a proper appearance in the game.