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"I'm heading to the Mining Deck. They've got PFM-100s in storage for ice mining, and they can spare the fuel. Maybe cauterizing this stuff will do the trick. Just hope it doesn't smell worse when it's on fire."
—Danvers about the Corruption.[1]

C. Danvers was a member of the engineering team from the USG Ishimura along with Jacob Temple.[1]


Second Aegis VII Incident[]

Prior to the Necromorph invasion, Danvers noticed some unidentified growth spreading at a rapid pace in the Engineering Deck.[1]

Soon after, he accompanied Jacob Temple to assist him in fixing the Ishimura's engine problem. After witnessing Henderson, another crew member, attempting to rip his own teeth out and knock himself unconscious, he and Temple began to look for ways to repair the Ishimura.[2]

Eventually, he and Temple apparently split ways, with Temple later stating that he believed his team was gone.[3]


  • His first name may be "Carmack", an engineering crewman mentioned in the log Chaos.