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The CEC Facility was the CEC's base of operations on Titan Station. During the outbreak on the station, Isaac Clarke, Nolan Stross and Ellie Langford were forced to flee into the facility to escape the Necromorphs after the destruction of the Titan Station Transport Hub.

Role and Destruction[]

The CEC Facility housed various examples of heavy machinery and sophisticated fuel storage facilities. Temperatures in the facility were high, reaching around seventy degrees centigrade on average operational cycles. Employees were required to enter via a security door and line up for scanning.

Most significant among its structures was the shipyard and surrounding Fuel Storage area. It was here that the USG Ishimura, undergoing a clean-up operation following the events of three years prior, was docked.

At the time of the Sprawl Outbreak, the base was badly affected by rampant strains of the Corruption, and was swarming with Necromorphs. Guardians adorned various bulkheads, and Stalkers and Slashers plied the catwalks.

Isaac Clarke entered the facility to reach Titan Station's Government Sector along with Nolan Stross and Ellie Langford. He was successful in doing so; however, much of the facility was destroyed when a battle at Fuel Storage incinerated the facility's fuel reserves.

Whatever remained of the CEC Facility was lost when Titan Station's nuclear reactor detonated with the catastrophic failure of Project Telomere.


  • The CEC Facility is where Chapters Eight and Nine of Dead Space 2 take place.
  • Issac finds several audio logs left by CEC employees as he makes his ways through the facility; these logs give a decent insight as to what happened when hordes of Necromorphs tore through the facility.
  • The multiplayer map Fuel Core occurs within the facility.