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CMS Shackleton was a ship in the Sovereign Colonies flotilla sent to Tau Volantis


The CMS Shackleton was dispatched to Tau Volantis along with several other Sovereign Colonies vessels. Once there it most likely supported ground operations. It was probably destroyed along with most of the Armed Forces fleet during the Scenario Five command. 

The Shackleton is technically the first ship encountered by the player, though the only piece of the ship is the section of hull plating that can be seen just after the USM Eudora de-shocks at Tau Volantis. The classification of the vessel is unknown but it was likely a warship armed with tracking and homing mines. After ejecting the life vessel from the Eudora, Isaac Clarke looses his grip on the compartment and has to make his way past the many mine-dotted chunks of the ship's remains to reach Captain Norton's crew.

Later on in the story, the player is only able to explore the other named vessels of the fleet, the Shackleton didn't even show up on the SK-1P's navigational guide, probably because of the extensive damage it received has completely destroyed it. 


  • The name of the ship follows the theme of several other ships in the fleet, most of which are named after famous, usually ill-fated explorers or events, in this case the famous Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton, who died of a heart attack just before his expedition to the Antarctic in 1922.
  • Most of its remnants aren't even reachable by flight, most of the fragments are either in the background or are too far to be reached with the given oxygen reserve and would most likely contain nothing of importance.
  • After unpacking the game files, we can learn that the C.M.S. Shackleton ship type belongs to a Heavy-Fire-Support Ship(May be Battleship?) of the S.C.A.F. According to the in-game debris model, the size of the ship is between the C.M.S. Terra Nova and the C.M.S. Greely.

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