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CMS Terra Nova
DS3 Terra Nova
Production information


Auxiliary Deep Space Transport (ADT 60)

Technical Specifications

Engine Unit(s):

ShockPoint Drive

Power Generator:

Nuclear Reactor (powered by Plutonium)




Mass Driver vessel




Sovereign Colonies


S.C.A.F Galactic Expedition

Known Owner(s):

Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces

Known commander(s):

Captain Valery Dietz


The CMS Terra Nova was a Sovereign Colonies ship that was floating among the S.C.A.F. fleet orbiting Tau Volantis.



The CMS Terra Nova was used by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces during their expedition to Tau Volantis in 2311. Her commanding officer was Valery Dietz and she was piloted by Tucker Edwards. Her codename while in service to the S.C.A.F. was "The Luv Boat" and her UIC was "30692".

During the excavation of Tau Volantis, the specimens that are found on the planet are stored aboard the Terra Nova. Commander Dietz wanted to transfer the specimens off the Terra Nova instead of keeping them on the ship.

Dead Space 3Edit

Isaac Clarke traveled to the Terra Nova to repair the CMS Crozier which laid in the Aft Station. On arrival, he must venture through the ship's many sections to reach the tram system while fighting the mummified crew off.

As Isaac ventured into the depths of the Terra Nova, the text and audio logs shed the light on the fate of the ship and the crew. Most are killed during the cleanse order issued by General Mahad. Those who are not are slaughtered by the insurgence of the Necromorph lifeform that was brought up from the planet. Eventually, Isaac reached the tram system where Buckell informed Isaac about a supply cache in the Conning Tower near the Mid Station in an optional mission. Isaac began searching for the cache and defending himself against the traps that are setted by Edwards who locked himself in the Conning Tower during the slaughter of the Terra Nova's crew. After surviving Edwards' traps, Isaac discovered the pilot's corpse. He triggered Edwards' final trap after he retrieved the supplies from the cache. Afterward, Isaac must head to the Aft Station of the ship to begin repairs on the CMS Crozier.

Isaac traveled through the shuttle bay on several missions to get the shuttle ready for takeoff. After freeing the shuttle from the shuttle bay, he was ripped from the ship after the bay was destroyed. He must fly back to the Fore section of the ship and take the Skip back to the CMS Roanoke. The Terra Nova was left in orbit with the rest of the flotilla after the team launched in the Crozier to land on Tau Volantis.

The Events of Dead Space 3: AwakenedEdit

The story of the Terra Nova continued in Dead Space 3: Awakened. After Isaac and Carver managed to escape from Tau Volantis in a shuttle that was stolen from the remnants of Danik's forces, they arrived at the ship to learn that most of the surviving members of the Circle went insane and created a radical Unitologist Cult. The Unitologists that remained sane such as Randall Carr started to work on the ship's engines, attempting to jury-rig a ShockPoint Drive from one of their shuttles to the ship's reactor in order to fly the Terra Nova back to Earth. However, they are killed by the Cult Leader and his men before they had the chance. Isaac and Carver must continue this task and restart the engines and overload them beyond their designed parameters in order to generate enough power to the ShockPoint Drive. They succeeded, successfully entered ShockSpace and returned to Earth. Upon arriving back at Earth, they found out that the Brethren Moons already arrived and are attacking the planet. A Brethren Moon rose in front of the Terra Nova.

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Design Edit

The CMS Terra Nova was a Mass Driver ADT 60-type, CL-13 class spaceship used by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces' AC-P fleet.

The ship was like a floating city with a tram system connecting the Fore, Mid and Aft sections of the ship. Apart from spacious cargo holds, it included several on board facilities including residential areas, environmental control, Conning Tower, tram stations and a shuttle.

Unlike the Ishimura, the ship's tram system ran along the spine and not the tunnels on the inside of the ship. Like the Ishimura, the ship's size made a tram system to transport the crew between sections a necessity. The Terra Nova could hold up to two large shuttles equal to the Crozier's size.

Trivia Edit

  • The name, Terra Nova was probably a reference to an ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic from 1910 to 1913.
  • "Terra Nova" was Latin for "New Earth" or "New Land."
  • The Terra Nova's nickname was "The Luv Boat" as it was seen on the SK-1P travel destination monitor.
  • The Terra Nova bore a slight resemblance to the USG Ishimura in design.
  • Several Red Markers could be seen inside the cargo hold along with one much larger Marker, covered up next to them.
  • Although the Terra Nova carried several Red Markers and experienced a Necromorph infestation, in the 200 year duration between it's deployment to Tau Volantis and Isaac's crew discovering the ship, it never reached the intense state of infestation and deterioration experienced on the USG Ishimura, despite being a ship of similar design. It was noticeably devoid of Corruption or Necromorph-created damage, being derelict due to nothing more than neglect. This was the same for the other Necromorph-infested ships that are found in the flotilla above Tau Volantis.
  • Unlike the other ships that are still intact above Tau Volantis, the Terra Nova was still mostly active and functional with all of her systems still online after 200 years of abandonment and neglect even if she was running on reserve power.


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