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Cameron was the supervisor for the Megavents of the Aegis VII Colony.


He was the first to notice the growth of an organic substance, the necrotic Corruption, throughout the Colony. He noted that he was able to find the growth due to a horrible odor emanating from it, resulting in him alerting P-Sec. Abraham Neumann was sent down to assist Cameron and discovered to their horror that the small growth seemed to move when it was under inspection.

Abraham ordered Cameron to use a blow-torch to burn away any such growth encountered in the future and to alert him about this. In the following days, Cameron contacted Abraham again, noting that not only did he find the growth again, but "a hell of a lot more of it." Cameron enlisted the aid of an employee named Lambert and instructed him to help burn the Corruption. Upon the USG Ishimura carrying out the planet crack, the colony suffered a widespread blackout. In the Megavents, Lambert went missing and Cameron went looking for him; Cameron then found Lambert's flashlight and called out for him. Suddenly, a mass of Corruption burst through a vent Cameron stood close to, hitting his head and killing him.


  • His name is likely a reference to Director James Cameron, who was known to have directed the 1986 film Aliens which served as one of the sources of inspiration for the Dead Space franchise. Notably, the film involves many scenes that revolve around the ventilation system on a space colony, which is likely why Cameron is named after him, as he serves as supervisor of the Megavents on Aegis VII's colony. His co-worker, Lambert, also shares a name with a character from the first Alien film.